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Fisheye Camera: The 360 Scope Security Guard

Security Camera King sells numerous cameras of all different shapes and sizes, but one of the most interesting and underutilized types is by far the fisheye camera.  The lens provides an extremely wide angle that resembles a glass bubble, and supplies its user with a craftily curved image of the world.  Most importantly, the image that it supplies is a 360 degree security view- a view Security Camera King approves of when it comes to providing the best visual coverage to keep you, your business, and your family safe every single day of use.  You’ll be covered at all hours of the day with absolute, high tech surveillance when you make the smartest decision on the market, and go with a Security Camera King fisheye ip camera.  

Do you have an enormous, expansive warehouse, large residence, or huge property that requires an extra layer of security?  A fisheye camera will cover each of those examples with ease.  It’s common to see these types of cameras while shopping at perhaps a grocery store.  You may be in the produce department, picking out your next bright-green pepper for your dinner salad, while someone else all the way on the opposite end is carefully selecting a sugary cereal to eat for breakfast…or perhaps to steal for breakfast?  The excellent thing about a fisheye camera is because of its vast capturing surface area, it would not only see you at one end of the store, but again due to that 360 capture angle, will be able to capture the theft on video and protect the store.  You would certainly want something like the fisheye camera if you too had an enormous property to protect, along with all of the items within it.  

Fisheye cameras require a nice amount of lighting around them as well in order to produce the best possible picture.  An interesting way to look at this particular issue is to take a literal fisheye (the eye of a fish) into your mind.  When light is shined right in front of a fish’s eye, the entire eye will have a sort of glow to it, lighting up immaculately.  However, if light is coming from the side of the fish, the eye is very dark in the corner, and illuminated on the side of which the light is shining through from.  The fisheye camera functions in the same manner, hence the name, and functions equally similarly regarding light.  However, here at Security Camera King, we offer a 4MP Fisheye IP Network Vandal Dome Camera, which is functional despite some lighting situations.  

Here at Security Camera King, we specifically use those amazing 4 MP Fisheye IP Network Vandal Dome Cameras everyday, and I can personally confirm how great they are when it comes to lighting.  Unlike some other fisheye camera’s on the market, despite being placed in a corner or darker part of the room, they still show a great and clear picture, and pick up a nice ,sizeable space.     

There are many ways to best grasp the highest functionality when it comes to fisheye cameras. Placing a fisheye camera to the side of a building indoors is definitely not a great way to utilize the full spectrum of services this camera is able to offer you!  Remember when placing the camera in a large warehouse, or a large room or space, to gain absolute visibility it is imperative to mount in the middle to achieve full visibility.  As mentioned before, the fisheye is very comparable to a bubble (or a fish’s eye itself), and if attached to a corner, at least a quarter of the viewing proficiency has been compromised when you could have a 360 degree radius.  

Don’t leave sections of your home or business unprotected- and this mentality really goes for every type of Security Camera King device.  Be sure to properly research the type of camera or device you need, and once researched, completely look into the functions of each device.  Otherwise you may not be harnessing the complete power of each camera, just as may occur if not fully understanding an engine or photography lenses purpose for your car or camera.  Each camera really does have a specific purpose and knowing this purpose will only help you out in the long run.      

Mentioning again the 4MP Fisheye IP Network Vandal Dome Camera, while some fisheyes are rather large and extremely obvious, this specific fisheye camera is on the smaller end and therefore a lot easier to conceal in your home or on your property.    

One of the most important things to consider is definitely where you are placing your fisheye camera.  Of course, as mentioned earlier, light plays a big enough role in placement of your new camera, however there are plenty of other obstacles to avoid when mounting.  There are plenty of professionals who are able to give specific and well thought out advice when it comes to the best place to put your fisheye camera, or any camera as a whole.  One of the best places to find that advice is definitely with our vast array of experts found at Security Camera King, where we will be more than happy to assist you in finding the right camera for your security needs, to keep your family, business, and home safe.

Here at Security Camera King, we offer a huge amount of other products, along with the fisheye camera, that will assist in keeping all of your priorities safe, and when used together, it will be as though you’ve been provided with a fleet of your own digital security officers in the form of security cameras!  Another excellent choice to add to your security camera fleet is the 1MP 720p HD-CVI/TVI/AHD/Analog IR Dome Camera.  This camera is an excellent anti-vandal option, which goes well with the sometimes more apparent fisheye camera, in order to have a more concealed camera to help guard your possessions in a more discreet manner.   

Whatever style you need, Security King Camera’s will be here to guide you in the right direction and make your safety worries a thing of the past!  Remember to utilize our free tech support and online resources- Security Camera King will always have your back!

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