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Understanding the 360 Fisheye Security Camera

One of the most used modern surveillance products is the 360 fisheye security camera, which offers innovative capabilities and powerful advantages. The fisheye security camera design has been in use for a number of years now.

Recently, fisheye security cameras have enjoyed a popular surge thanks to more consumers understanding how to use this product. New advances in imaging technology and software have made these security cameras as effective as ever. 

Safety and security are a major responsibility for any successful business. Now more than ever it is important to consider the vulnerabilities and security threats of your property.

Improving your property’s security is surprisingly affordable and can even prevent crime from ever occurring. Adopting fisheye security cameras for your business or property is one way you can improve security. 

The following article will examine what fisheye security cameras are used for and some locations that would benefit the most from their adoption. If you have any more questions or would like to learn more, be sure to contact Security Camera King today. 

Design Of A Fisheye Security Camera 

The major advantage of the 360 fisheye security camera is its ability to view wide angles across a large setting. This is done by using a fisheye lens.

The fisheye lens is often used in photography to cover a larger area than with a conventional lens. A camera with a fisheye lens is able to capture much more and was quickly adopted by the surveillance industry for use in security cameras. 

The security camera appears like a half globe and is easy to discreetly place. Unlike conventional security cameras, a single fisheye security camera can capture high-resolution video without any blind spots.

In a wide or large property, blind spots are always a concern and can be easily exploited by intruders and burglars. A panoramic view ensures that every corner of a property can be monitored. 

Ideal Locations For 360 Fisheye Security Cameras

Large and open properties have always been a challenge to secure. A major reason for this is because most conventional security cameras will lose video quality over long distances.

A 360 fisheye security camera is capable of maintaining video quality over large distances. Property and business owners of all kinds can benefit from these innovative security cameras. 

By placing the fisheye security camera in a centralized location, it is able to cover a large area. 360 panoramic cameras are great for monitoring wide viewing angles.

Many business and property owners will use their fisheye security cameras in conjunction with other security camera types. Although fisheye security cameras are highly effective, it is generally recommended that they be one part of a larger video surveillance system. 

With only a minimal amount of cameras, you can effectively create a fully covered security camera system that can easily identify threats from all angles. Specific properties that can benefit from a 360 fisheye security camera are detailed below. 

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360 Fisheye Security Camera Applications

As previously mentioned, a 360 fisheye security camera can be effectively used in a variety of settings. The number of applications allowed by these security cameras provides business and property owners with new opportunities to protect their most important assets including people.

Below are a number of applications that fisheye security cameras are typically used for and settings that would benefit most. 

Employee Monitoring (Open Office Buildings)

Unfortunately, one of the biggest threats to a business or office space comes from inside. Employee theft is responsible for millions in losses for businesses of all sizes in the United States.

Although employees can steal valuable documents and assets, they can also rob a business of its time. Employees can cost a business thousands in wasted time and productivity will suffer. 

Installing a fisheye security camera can keep employees accountable and ensure they are performing the duties they are being paid for. This is especially important in a large, indoor space such as an open office building. 

Threat Detection (Public Spaces)

Detecting threats in public spaces, like entertainment venues and bars, has become a major concern. Mass shootings have become a terrible reality for public spaces and property managers have quickly begun fortifying these areas.

Lesser threats, such as physical altercations and theft, must also be addressed in indoor spaces with a lot of traffic. A 360 fisheye security camera placed strategically can quickly detect a threat before it becomes a major issue.

Local security personnel and law enforcement can be quickly alerted of the ongoing situation, allowing them to respond faster to a threat. 

Fisheye Security Cameras for Garages And Parking Lots (Incident Detection)

Parking lots and garages have always been a target for thieves and vandals. Depending on factors such as lighting and time of day, a parking lot and its patrons can be vulnerable to criminals.

Cars that are left overnight are especially vulnerable. In order to improve security and make a parking lot or garage a safer place, 360-degree panoramic security cameras should be highly considered. 

Patrons will feel much safer choosing your parking lot to park their vehicle in and criminals will know to look elsewhere. In the event that a crime does occur, detailed evidence can be collected that can help law enforcement identify the perpetrators.

This can increase the chances of recovering stolen property. 

Retail Stores (Theft Prevention)

A successful retail store understands the importance of protecting merchandise from shoplifters and deterring armed robbers. A 360 fisheye security camera can monitor each aisle for potential shoplifters.

The presence of these security cameras will deter any would-be shoplifter from pocketing merchandise. More importantly, it can even prevent armed robberies from ever occurring. 

Criminals do not want evidence of their crime and seeing fisheye security cameras will alert them that your retail store values security and safety. Employee theft can also be greatly reduced if not completely eliminated by placing fisheye security cameras near cash registers and in employee-only areas. 

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360 Fisheye Security Camera

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