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Understanding Store Security Cameras

Installing store security cameras has been common practice with retail stores for many years now. Modern security camera systems offer incredible benefits thanks to innovative technology that addresses issues of the past.

Security and safety is a major priority of any successful retail store. Burglaries, shoplifters, and dishonest employees are just some of the most common security threats a retail store must stay vigilant of in order to ensure the continued success of the business. 

Not only will installing security cameras in your store protect your merchandise, employees, and customers from harm but it can also save you money. A committed criminal can wreak havoc on your business and, without the right security cameras in your business, you will be unable to collect important evidence.

Without evidence, the perpetrators will most likely never be brought to justice and your property will not be recovered. There are a large number of considerations to determine before you can select the best store security cameras for your business.

Understanding what your business needs are is an important step to adopting a truly effective security camera system while saving money in the short and long term. Most people are not security specialists and may find the process challenging without assistance. 

The following article will highlight some considerations you should be aware of when choosing the best security cameras for your retail store. With the right security camera system in place, you will enjoy 24/7 peace of mind regardless of whether you are at the business’ location or not.

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Security Camera in and Outside of a Store

A retail store poses a wide range of security concerns that go beyond the inside of the building. Securing a store requires that security cameras be placed in strategic locations.

Security cameras come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and capabilities. Depending on the setting, some security cameras will be much more effective than others. For example, parking lots are often an easy target of criminals and vandals. 

Neglecting to monitor your parking lot area can cause your customers to choose another store and costing you revenue. Part of the process of choosing store security cameras includes determining what kind of security cameras your business needs most. 

Outdoor Security Cameras

One of the major challenges of security cameras from the past was monitoring outdoor areas like parking lots. This was primarily because the security cameras had trouble covering a large, open area both during the day and night.

Outdoor store security cameras should be capable of panning and tilting to cover an area while avoiding the creation of blindspots. The time of day can also create unique challenges. 

Any security camera installed to monitor the exterior of a retail store should also be able to capture high-quality video in low light. This will allow you to easily identify any suspicious activity in the exterior of the store. 

Indoor Store Security Cameras

Installing indoor store security cameras is extremely important considering that most business will be conducted here. Inside the store, you will have customers passing through aisles and employees performing their day to day responsibilities.

Understanding the layout of your retail store can help you determine where security cameras should be placed. There are some general guidelines that most security experts can agree on. 

As with the exterior of the store, you want to ensure that every corner of the store can be monitored without creating blind spots. Shoplifters and dishonest employees can take advantage of blind spots, leaving you none the wiser.

It is important to install security cameras over cash registers, in employee-only areas, and aisles. Different camera types can be used to create a fully effective video surveillance system. 

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Advantages of Store Security Cameras

The continued advancements in surveillance technology have completely revolutionized the industry. In the past, security cameras could only provide a reactive security plan.

This meant that they could only record the events as they unfolded and then users would have to review the footage afterward. Unless the security cameras were monitored by an individual, there was no way to take active steps as a crime was occurring. 

Video quality was also a limitation with previous security cameras. Fuzzy, black and white images made it difficult to identify important details such as clothing. Fortunately, modern store security cameras provide innovative solutions to the challenges of the past. 

Deter Crime

The presence of security cameras can stop crime before it ever happens. Criminals never want evidence of their deeds to be produced. Security cameras produce powerful evidence that can lead to the arrest of criminals and the recovery of stolen property.

Most criminals will target the most vulnerable locations. Generally, these are locations that lack a comprehensive security camera system. With retail store security cameras, criminals will recognize that your business values security and opt to stay away. 

Reduce Employee Theft

Sometimes, the greatest threat to a retail store comes from the inside. Employees have access to sensitive areas, merchandise, and money. This provides dishonest employees with the opportunity to steal from your business and cause serious damage.

Some employees might steal from the business in another way by neglecting the duties they are being paid to perform. Installing store security cameras will keep your employees accountable and honest. 

Improve Productivity

Many of the top companies in the world have begun using security camera systems to analyze their productivity and identify ways of improving it. This can be done in a number of ways.

For example, understanding customer foot traffic inside the store can help you strategize where to best place marketing material and new products you wish to promote. You can also examine if you should make changes to some of the day to day duties of various employees. 

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Store Security Cameras

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