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Considerations and Benefits of Security Camera Companies

Security camera companies are able to provide businesses and gated communities with security devices that can provide constant peace of mind. Whether it is the families living in a gated community or property of a major business, protecting them is one of the top priorities of an HOA or company.

There is a large number of security cameras online and related products with varying costs that fit just about any size budget. In terms of price, it is important to remember that manufacturers of cheap security cameras will build the camera from the cheapest available components and processors.

These cameras use low-quality imaging mechanisms that will be unable to capture clear video footage. Lower quality components will also degrade much faster under certain climate conditions like extreme heat or cold. 

Choosing the best security camera system for your circumstances my initially seem like a challenge. One of the best rules of thumb to always remember is that you get what you pay for.  Fortunately, most budgets can afford an extremely effective security camera system.

The surveillance industry continues to advance and innovate. Products that in the past may have seemed like science fiction or were restricted to military use are now much more common and affordable than ever before. 

Contacting Security Camera Companies For Assistance

One way to find out what your property could benefit from the most is by contacting security camera companies for their expertise. A security camera company employs a large team of security experts that understand common security vulnerabilities.

They can also assist a property in identifying the unique security challenges that a property may have. By understanding what your business, community, or other property needs are will keep you from spending money on unnecessary or inefficient products. 

There are many security camera companies to choose from. It’s recommended that you should only work with a company that is experienced and offers quality products. A company should be well established and have a reputation for excellence. 

Best in Class IP Cameras

Considerations When Choosing Security Cameras

Security cameras come in a large array of different sizes and designs that offer different functions and capabilities. Most people will be unfamiliar with the different factors to consider when purchasing security cameras and surveillance products. The rest of this article will highlight these important factors and details on how to determine what is best for your property’s circumstances.

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Security Camera Lenses

Security camera companies offer security cameras with two different kinds of lenses: fixed and variable focus. A fixed lens security camera usually uses a plug-and-play system.

The fixed lens cannot change the focal point in or out of a given area. A variable focus lens is generally recommended because this kind of lens increases the reach of the security camera.

Security camera companies can assist you in choosing the best variable focus lens for the business, gated community, or other property. 

Security Camera Lighting

Security camera companies offer security cameras that are dependent on lighting. The lighting of an area is one of the most important factors in determining video quality.

If you want to use color security cameras, you will need enough light in order for them to function properly. If the light diminishes because the sun sets or the lights are switched off, then the security camera must be able to adequately compensate for the low light. 

Black and white security cameras have an easier time distinguishing details in low-light environments. In fact, many color security cameras will switch to black and white video if the light diminishes to a certain point.

There are some security cameras that have low light processors designed to see in dark conditions. Night cameras like Starlight Surveillance Cameras are able to see in very low light conditions. Security cameras that use infrared light are also detailed below. 

Infrared Security Cameras

Security camera companies should have infrared (IR) security cameras to choose from. Infrared security cameras have IR LED lights positioned around the outside of the camera in order to improve monitoring and recording in low light conditions. 

A typical IR security camera can capture images about fifty feet in front of the security camera, sometimes much more. Adding lights to a dark area can also be an effective way of improving the video quality of images captured by the security camera in certain circumstances. 

Security Cameras With Facial and License Plate Recognition

In some cases, you may have to identify facial details or a license plate. A prime example of this is using a security camera to verify authorized individuals.

Identifying a license plate number is another function that security cameras can provide. License plate security cameras also can help properties identify vehicles entering and exiting. The best security cameras to use in both cases are IP cameras

An IP security camera takes and stores large formatted images to the storage system. The larger the image captured, the easier it will be to digitally span and zoom in on details that need to be identified. These cameras should be placed in locations that can clearly view license plates and facial features for optimum performance. 

Recording Devices and Security Camera Companies

Regardless of how advanced a security camera may be, you will still need a method to store the video data. This can be achieved using media storage devices that include Digital Video Recorders (DVR), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), and video servers.

Some security cameras also have built-in storage capabilities. There are also cloud storage options available however they tend to be more expensive. 

Your storage requirements will determine what kind of storage system is the best for your situation. The more video footage you plan to be able to replay the more digital storage you will require. Finding the right balance will ensure you do not overpay for your storage unit or pay too little for your storage needs. 

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Security Camera Companies

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