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Benefits Of Installing Neighborhood Security Systems

The popularity of neighborhood security systems continues to rise with gated communities and HOA residential areas. The residents of a neighborhood want to know that their homes and families are safe whether it is day or night.

Security and privacy are some of the top reasons why homeowners choose to live in a gated community. An HOA must take steps to ensure the safety of every resident when they’re home or going for a walk through the community. 

Modern security camera systems offer users incredible advantages thanks to innovative features and increasingly advanced technology. Despite this, security systems have never been more affordable for a neighborhood to incorporate.

Gated communities and neighborhoods have their own unique security challenges. Although many of these challenges may already be familiar, it is best to know exactly what types of neighborhood watch cameras are needed. 

The following article will highlight the benefits of neighborhood security camera systems and some considerations to make to ensure the right security products are selected. If you have any more questions or would like to learn how to choose the best security camera system, visit Security Camera King or fill out our contact form today. 

Neighborhood Security Systems Deter Crime

Gated communities typically will incorporate a number of security features such as gated entries and a perimeter wall to keep criminals and trespassers out. Although these features can be useful, they can also be easily circumvented by a committed criminal.

Burglars can easily scale a wall with very simple tools and wreak havoc on a neighborhood. By contrast, security cameras can stop crime before it ever is committed. 

The presence of neighborhood security systems can deter criminals from ever targeting the neighborhood. This is because a neighborhood with an effective security camera system values the security and safety of all residents and their families. 

Improve Crime Watch With Neighborhood Security Systems

One of the major benefits of neighborhood surveillance is keeping residents informed of potential risks. Modern security cameras and products are designed to be interconnected, sending video feeds and information through a digital signal.

Retrieving high-resolution video footage is easier than ever. Any footage or evidence can be used to alert residents to stay alert for specific individuals. 

Neighborhood Security Systems Are Proactive 

Unlike analog security systems of the past that could only record a crime that was occurring, network IP security cameras can do much more. For example, in the event that a criminal does manage to enter the neighborhood, security cameras can do more the capture video evidence.

Features like motion detection can detect anyone that enters the camera’s frame. When this occurs, the security system can alert neighborhood security personnel. 

The alert can be received through something as simple as a text message and offers great advantages. For one, response times can be drastically reduced using neighborhood security systems.

As soon as the notification goes out, local law enforcement can be contacted to immediately respond to the situation. 

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Remote Video Monitoring and Neighborhood Security Systems

Many communities with neighborhood security systems will also hire a remote video monitoring service to enhance their security plan. Remote security monitoring companies employ teams of professional security experts that monitor the security feeds of a property.

This can extend to monitoring an entire community. Remote video monitoring services can even replace the use of physical security guards for a fraction of the cost. 

The security experts monitor the property from an off-site facility twenty-four hours a day. Using video analytics and other advanced technology and software, the entire neighborhood can be effectively monitored day or night.

If suspicious activity is detected, the security expert is immediately alerted. If they determine that the suspicious activity is a threat, they can immediately take action. 

In some cases, the security monitor can call out to the intruder through built-in microphones in the cameras. These companies also keep a close working relationship with local law enforcement. This relationship reduces response times and can be instrumental in stopping a crime in progress. 

Considerations For Neighborhood Security Systems

Before investing in neighborhood security systems, you should first have an understanding of what the neighborhood needs and the products that would work best. It is always recommended that you consult with a security systems specialist to assist you in determining the neighborhood’s vulnerabilities.

Consider some of the factors below. 

Security Camera Placement

One of the most important factors for ensuring the effectiveness of the security systems is coverage. With more coverage, more areas of the community can be monitored and kept safe.

There are a few key locations where security cameras can be installed for maximum neighborhood coverage. These locations include solid fixtures, light poles, and buildings. From those locations, you can determine the necessary distance and range. 

Choosing The Right Neighborhood Security Systems Lens

Selecting the wrong lense is one of the most common mistakes consumers make when selecting the best security cameras for the neighborhood. The lens provides visual coverage for the actual field of view.

The correct lens will allow the cameras to produce high-resolution imagery. Users will be able to zoom in on clear details that can be vital to detecting suspicious activity. 

What Are the Hard Drive Requirements of Security Systems

An important factor in choosing neighborhood security systems is determining the digital storage space required. Depending on when and how you will be recording will determine the hard drive space necessary.

You can set security cameras to only begin recording when motion is detected or something passes through the security camera’s field of view. Another factor includes how far back you want to retrieve the video footage. 

For help determining hard drive space requirements, use our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator

Contact A Professional Security Company

A security systems expert can assist you in ensuring every security vulnerability is addressed. Security and safety is a critical investment in keeping your residents feeling safe.

Contact Security Camera King for assistance in choosing the best products for your community. 

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Neighborhood Security Systems

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