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Considerations For Neighborhood Watch Cameras

Security Camera King is an online supplier of security cameras and video surveillance equipment, including advanced neighborhood watch cameras. Our team of passionate security experts understands all the important nuances necessary to develop a successful, proactive surveillance plan that works.

We carry some of the most innovative and high-quality security cameras and full video surveillance systems currently available in the online CCTV products market. We have accumulated years of experience in assisting a variety of different industries and environments, most notably HOA community surveillance and perimeter security.

The different types of neighborhood watch cameras and neighborhood security camera systems we offer can be found online within our extensive product selection. However, to get the most out of our specialized expertise, we recommend you fill out our contact form to speak with a knowledgeable member of our sales team.

This will give you the highest opportunity to ensure you buy the best neighborhood watch cameras suited to your community video surveillance goals. It will also help to make the time-consuming process of comparing the specifications and details of different neighborhood watch cameras to each other much easier and efficient.

In the meantime, we recommend you try to determine a few important factors to help you understand better what it is you will need to achieve your neighborhood watch security plan. Below you’ll find a list of considerations to keep in mind that will help you find the absolute most efficient neighborhood watch cameras to implement into your neighborhood security camera system successfully.
Considerations For Neighborhood Watch Cameras
Like any new security camera installation, there are a variety of factors that first need addressing. For instance, securing a small gated community with zero lot line housing setups will be vastly different than that of a large neighborhood with big front yards and fences.

Overlooking common factors is how most people wind up making simple common mistakes, which could have been avoided had they just taken the additional time to figure out a few details. Here are some of the primary factors to determine for buying neighborhood watch cameras.

Where will the neighborhood watch cameras be placed?

You’ll want to have as much coverage as possible to ensure the entire community is under video surveillance at all times. The best way to do that is to venture around and find the most appropriate positions for proper security camera placements.

Most neighborhood watch cameras will need to be installed onto solid constructions, such as light poles or buildings. When you find those positions, measure how far the distance and range will be required of the neighborhood watch cameras to keep everything safely under surveillance.

Which is the most appropriate lens?

After you learn what the range and distance you will need for your neighborhood watch cameras to cover, you’ll be able to determine the next important factor – the lens. One of the most common mistakes that is made by people looking to buy any type of security camera is selecting the wrong type of lens.

The right lens will permit you to have visual coverage over the actual field of view you need it for. This means being able to zoom provide actual, clear, usable footage instead of blurry and unrefined recordings.

For help, use our CCTV Lens Calculator.

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How much hard drive space do you need?

This is a major factor that comes into play in neighborhood security camera systems, regardless of the community size. How and when you decide to be recording will impact the video hard drive size requirements you’ll need to retain the amount of footage you want.

Will the neighborhood watch cameras only have motion detection recording or will they have 24/7 video surveillance monitoring? What frame rate is preferable and how far back do you want the footage to be saved before losing it?

For help, use our CCTV Hard Drive Calculator.

Are you confident you have everything covered? 

There is any number of different blogs, videos, and other ways to find useful information on how to install and select the best neighborhood security cameras. However, unless you are an experienced professional that knows both all about the many different types of products available and what to look for exactly during the installation process, chances are you are overlooking something that could cost you greatly.

Contact a professional if you truly want to make sure that you are well positioned to achieve all your neighborhood watch video surveillance goals. They can help you not only select the best products, but many can even offer you a free security assessment to cover all the general bases.

It’s your right to feel safe in your neighborhood and the last thing you want is to implement a surveillance plan that fails you when you need it most. Contact Security Camera King and we will help you find the best products at the best prices so you can accomplish this with confidence.

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Neighborhood Watch Cameras

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