Multiple Channel Elite Security Monitoring with Several Digital Interfaces

We provide you with a multiple channel NVR that works with the most common technologies in the security equipment industry.

Multi-Channel Wifi Elite Series Compact NVR

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the multi-channel WiFi Series Tiny Case NVR. This is a highly capable device that works wonders for small convenience stores or similarly-scaled locations that need coverage.

Elite Economy HD-CVI Vandal-Proof Camera

Part of our Elite Line of products is the vandal-proof dome-style security camera. Set this camera up in a diverse range of locations for full coverage, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a high Vandal Proof rating. You’ll have a better change of spotting any criminals before they can destroy your equipment with these cameras.

Elite Economy Weatherproof IR Varifocal Security Camera

Don’t let rain and snow hamper your surveillance quality with help from this Elite series security camera that guards against damage from vandals and bad weather. This camera offers a boost up in resolution that will let you monitor your outdoor spaces even more clearly. This can help you discern important details such as tattoos and piercings that can help identify suspects later on.

Elite 8MP 2.8mm HD-CVI IR Eyeball Dome Security Camera

Eyeball dome-style security cameras can easily handle any difficult lighting conditions is almost the same as an old analog system. This camera is able to switch to IR mode and begin producing 160 feet of smart IR to compensate for inadequate lighting conditions in any area you need to monitor.