Network Elite Keyboard and controller


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PTZ-ELKEYBOARD-N Specifications
Keyboard Key panel: Electromechanical
Joystick: 3-axis, vector-solving, with twisting, return to-center head
Keyboard Connector: RJ-45, RS232, RS485, RS422, USB
Keyboard Communication: Direct Mode, Network Mode
Display: LCD, 75.2mm×33.85mm
Power Supply: Input 100V~240V 50Hz/60Hz | Output DC12V/2A
Power Consumption: 5W
Working Temperature: -10~+55℃
Working Humidity: 10%~90%
Maximum  Users: 64
Weight: 8.2 pounds


Remote Viewing Apps

The ability to view security camera systems remotely has transformed the video surveillance industry in powerful ways. Prior to this innovation, manned users were needed on location to view live feeds. Now, it’s possible to view live camera feeds digitally through network-connected devices. IP security cameras make this innovation possible. With remote viewing, anyone, from anywhere in the world, can visibly watch live camera feeds.

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