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Neighborhood Surveillance

Neighborhood surveillance cameras and neighborhood crime watch plans should always go hand in hand. Implementing a solid and safe neighborhood surveillance action plan is essential to keeping a community and its inhabitants safe from burglaries, theft, vandalism, property destruction, and other common problems found in neighborhood crime patterns.

The safety of living in a gated community or having a neighborhood watch team is an underestimated luxury all to often neglected and forgotten. What’s the point of neighborhood watch without the proper security and surveillance equipment covering different areas when no one else is looking? Now, more than ever, this especially rings true with the combined availability and affordability of neighborhood security cameras through major online security camera suppliers.

High-Tech Neighborhood Crime Watch

Security and surveillance being out of reach and impossibly expensive is a thing of the past. New neighborhood video camera systems with all the bells and whistles of modern surveillance equipment can be found, researched, and purchased online at affordable costs at last. Equipped with modern security and surveillance features like motion detection, tripwire settings, scene change notifications, and remote accessibility, these high-tech security cameras are no longer products of the future.

Using CCTV equipment to keep your community safe is not only practical and affordable, it’s expected. Rarely do residents want to live in a place (especially in an HOA-run complex or large gated community) without the comforting knowledge of a working neighborhood surveillance video system in place constantly monitoring the area. Just neighborhood crime watch signs alone can provide a certain level of security, but, for true peace of mind, there has to be an actual working neighborhood video security system in use.

This isn’t just to ease the anxieties of residents living inside the community concerned about the safety of their home, their loved ones, and their property. Neighborhood crime patterns have been on the rise in major cities across the United States for years and, unfortunately, don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. However, rather than throw their hands up and accept defeat, HOA boards, gated communities, and small neighborhoods are looking to innovative neighborhood surveillance solutions instead.

Combing Features & Efforts

Neighborhood watch security cameras are capable of more than simply recording video footage of a crime that can be watched after an event occurs. Proactive perimeter security is one of the most popular new trends among neighborhood crime watch teams because it is cost-efficient, practical, and fairly easy to pull off. Remote video monitoring services are often used by gated communities or in other residential settings because of their efficiency.

Remote accessibility, in general, is one of the biggest advantages to new neighborhood watch video recording systems. Though analog CCTV systems are still commonplace in older areas, neighborhood security cameras with remote access provide the option to view live video feeds around a community from any network connected device. Using smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets, anyone with the login credentials can open up an application and see exactly what is happening on their street – at any time.

Neighborhood security cameras also work great with other new security and surveillance products like video doorbells. Video doorbell cameras and video intercoms allow residents to see their entryway at any point and can be programmed to notify you the moment someone enters your property and comes to your door. Sometimes combined with other remote door access functionality, video doorbells make great additions to a modern home security solution and neighborhood surveillance plans. All members of the neighborhood can then notify each other if they pick up on something suspicious and band together to either deter criminals or capture the criminal while in the act.

Improved Technology

Neighborhood IP network security cameras are capable of delivering a much higher resolution than the old and outdated analog CCTV systems most of us are accustomed to. Even the best performing HD security cameras are still limited in their abilities and constrained by the wired system setups they require to remain powered, connected, and recording. By contrast, the worst rated and cheapest IP security cameras still deliver better, clearer, higher resolution security footage and can be connected wirelessly to cover longer distances.

Another major advancement in neighborhood surveillance video cameras is the improved coverage distance of long-range night vision security cameras. In the past, night vision security cameras were criticized for their grainy, blurry, dark footage that could only really be used to help try and identify an individual after an incident occurs. Long range or long-distance night vision neighborhood surveillance cameras can, instead, see in almost complete darkness across hundreds of feet and be accessed remotely to see what is going on at the first sign of trouble.

Once combined with the right video recording devices and a satisfactory plan of action, neighborhood surveillance camera systems are the ultimate solution for keeping residents, homes, and properties safe inside of a residential community. With security cameras being more technologically advanced and affordable than ever, there’s no excuse for leaving the safety of a community up to chance (or the limited numbers in local law enforcement agencies).

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Neighborhood Surveillance

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