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The primary appeal of gated neighborhoods is the safety and peace of mind they bring their residents. These communities have traditionally relied on security guards and analog neighborhood video surveillance to provide a feeling of security. What happens, though, when your neighborhood or home security apparatus are outdated and lacking?

Like many other facets of our modern society, security systems and techniques have advanced to impressive heights. It can be difficult keeping up to date with these advancements for any business, home, or homeowners association, yet are crucial to maintaining safety and protection in the most cost-efficient manner. What new advancements should you look for when trying to upgrade your home and neighborhood video surveillance system? Below are some modern features of any contemporary security system.
Remote Viewing on Network Connected Devices
One of the biggest changes society has undergone in the last ten years is the very high degree of network-connected mobile devices that surround us. Nearly every individual in our high tech society has access to a smartphone, personal computer, or tablet – all of which can be connected to the internet. Remote viewing technology allows security camera feeds to be accessed from any of these internet connected devices.

A major benefit of this ability is its proactive nature. Professional security personnel can monitor not only camera feeds but can also control alarms, motion detectors, and tripwires to receive real-time notifications all from a centralized location. This has become a new staple of businesses, gated communities, and other private properties when it comes to their perimeter security.
High-Resolution Images
We all remember the old CCTV technology that would produce terribly blurry and often completely unusable video surveillance. These poor images and videos would often make it nearly impossible for law enforcement and property owners to truly notice every detail of every image. Just like the resolution of our flat screen plasma TVs have increased, so has the resolution in modern video surveillance.

Images and videos presented in crisp 720p or 1080p will present no question of detail when trying to catch a criminal or notice a fault in an area. Fortunately, these high-resolution cameras are more affordable for neighborhoods, homes, and businesses than ever before. What is the point in owning and maintaining a neighborhood video surveillance system if you can’t see anything meaningful?
Forget The Wires
For years, security camera and other surveillance equipment were dependent on being wired. This becomes a vulnerability criminals can exploit by severing important wires or hacking into these systems. Wires also make it harder to cover greater distances, limiting the reach of professional security personnel. Fortunately, these vulnerabilities are a thing of the analog past.

Wireless neighborhood video surveillance provides a broader reach in a security system that wired systems simply cannot match. The network signal transmitted throughout the area allows for the easy addition of more security items and features into a system. These additions can keep criminals guessing and will make it significantly harder for hackers to penetrate.

The wireless network can be expanded and modified as homeowners, businesses, and gated communities see fit. The expanded reach is also surprisingly affordable. Any high-speed network can successfully run these modern, connected systems while guaranteeing security and reliability.

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Audio Features
Another modern proactive approach to professional security systems is the ability to speak directly to criminals through two-way audio. When viewing real-time surveillance footage in which a crime is being committed, you can often feel helpless in that all you can really do is sit back and watch. This is what makes the modern two-way audio feature increasingly present in neighborhood video surveillance.

The ability to speak directly to criminals and thieves is a fairly inexpensive way to prevent property crime. Why neglect the ability to simply scare off would be burglars and criminals verbally when it is possible and highly practical? The feature is commonly present in the popular neighborhood security cameras and even video doorbell cameras of recent years (and it is very affordable).
Consistent Software Updates
Just like your smartphone uses software updates to maintain maximum performance so do contemporary security and surveillance systems. Software updates can keep a security system performing optimally and can fix vulnerabilities that intruders can exploit both digitally and even physically. The software that runs your system is vital to preventing vulnerabilities in a security apparatus

A large number of professional security companies now provide clients with free applications or apps that further facilitate and simplify the process of running and maintaining a fully functioning security surveillance system. The apps provide any logged in user to fully access their system in real time and on the go allowing them to utilize all the features of their security system.

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Neighborhood Video Surveillance

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