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Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras

For most people, one of the most important factor when looking for a new home is the safety and behavior of the neighborhood. We as residents always want to feel safe and protected in our home and neighborhood. This is where our children grow up, go to school and also maybe work. But, no matter how safe a neighborhood is, no area is completely unaffected by crime. In the last decade, there actually has been an increase in criminal activity. This is why neighborhood surveillance cameras have become very popular and many neighborhoods are demanding security cameras around the United States. Neighborhood surveillance cameras can be life-changing for community, family, or person. It will improve the safety of the community and prevent burglaries, crime, and vandalism.

Neighborhood surveillance cameras help solve crimes in many ways. If a crime or vandalism would occur, having video footage is a critical piece of evidence for a local law enforcement to determine what actually occurred and would greatly increase the chance of identifying, catching and convicting the criminal. Especially if there are no witnesses, this can be of great help to put resources into an investigation. Neighborhood surveillance cameras can also help capture suspicious activity even before a crime is committed. Having visible cameras surrounding your neighborhood will keep the community members safe and bring a high level of security to any property.

With a high-quality surveillance camera system, if used properly, you can earn the same or a better amount of safety then a team of security employees. Most neighborhood and gated communities provide their residents with a security guard at a gate. That guard is placed in a designated area at an entry point and is assigned predictable hours and routines, which makes it easy for burglars to notice daily routines.

Thanks to modern technology, neighborhood surveillance cameras allow you to monitor from anywhere there is an internet connection. Imagine your neighborhood – surveillance camera systems can now be monitored by a security guard remotely with the ability to notify proper authorities once an issue is noticed. This brings the advantage of providing visual information from many different locations and also allows you to cover a larger area. Surveillance cameras can see what you don’t!

No matter where you live, it is important to keep you, residents, possessions, and families safe and secure. If you are part of an HOA association or management team for a neighborhood and are looking to add an additional level of protection for your residents, we can help. Check out Security Camera King to invest in a top line neighborhood surveillance cameras. The SCK team will help you find the perfect solution for video surveillance. No order is too big or small; we can handle any size project from country clubs, single family homes, luxury apartments, mobile home communities, and more.

Security Camera King is a high-quality developer and one of the largest retail wholesale vendors of surveillance cameras in the US. We carry many different collections of security cameras, video recorders, and other products at wholesale prices. We offer many benefits and free services to guarantee that the surveillance cameras we provide are working excellently after purchasing and installing. We also offer free US-based technical assistance and help for the life of the product including troubleshooting and installing.

At SCK we also offer free Apps for Apple and Android smart devices as well. Our security camera experts can help identify the perfect security camera system for your neighborhood. We have a great experience with providing the biggest neighborhood communities with high-end surveillance cameras for the safety of the residents and neighborhood.

We carry systems that allow you to remotely view your camera footage in real time. We also offer motion detection alerts. This will admit you to monitor motion on all channels of a system. If you don’t have time to live monitor, Digital Security Guard has licensed professionals who can remotely monitor your property for you 24/7. They work closely with local enforcement to investigate suspicious activity. Whether you monitor yourself or use an outside company, Security Camera King is the best option for you to find the right surveillance cameras and systems.

Our inventory also has hundreds of other security and surveillance products for you to choose from. We have cameras including Dome, Bullet, and PTZ designs with many different megapixel options. We carry cameras that record in both black and white footage and color footage that mix and blend nicely with your building or home. For CCTV video storage, we also carry digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Our DVRs and NVRs are available in 4,8,16,32,64 and 128 channel sizes. We also carry all of the accessories you may need such as hard drives, baluns, and lock boxes.

Security Camera King offers free shipping on orders over $100. If you have any interest or questions on neighborhood surveillance cameras contact us today and one of our experts will help you determine what you need and also assist you in designing your own system. We have a location on the east coast and another on the west coast. Our eastern office is located at 99 NW 11th ST Boca Raton, FL 33432 and our western office is located at 9500 W 49th Ave #D106 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033. Be sure to check out our other blog articles to read helpful tutorials, guides, product reviews, and more. 

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Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras

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