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The Importance of Marijuana Security Camera Systems

Adopting marijuana security camera systems for a cannabis business is not only an important investment in peace-of-mind but it is also a legal necessity in many states. Medical marijuana laws allowing the use of marijuana in medical and even recreational settings have continued to pass in a wide number of different states.

One major contributing factor to this is the financial benefits legalized marijuana can bring to local and state economies. However, each state has its own laws and regulations that govern how marijuana dispensaries are operated.

Complying with these laws and regulations is tantamount to the continued success of a marijuana business. In addition to complying with the law, security camera systems can also provide peace of mind for the business owner, employees, and customers alike.

Marijuana dispensaries are vulnerable to a number of criminal threats making cannabis security extremely important. In general, the nature of marijuana businesses can often make them a tempting target for criminals.

Marijuana security camera systems are an extremely powerful deterrent against crime and can prevent theft and disruptions to the business. Security camera equipment has traditionally been used by every business and industry imaginable.

It is easy to see why security camera systems are so popular and why they can protect marijuana businesses as well. The following article will use examples of legal security requirements from other states that have passed marijuana legalization laws.

Furthermore, it will highlight why marijuana security camera systems can be an incredibly beneficial investment for a business in the cannabis industry. 

Marijuana Security Camera Systems & Legal Requirements

Every state that passes their own marijuana laws will have their own specific regulations that ensure a medical marijuana establishment is operating legally. Although these laws may not apply in every state, they can give a professional marijuana business a good idea of what is legally expected of them in general.

For example, most states that have passed marijuana legalization laws will require every business in the industry to buy security cameras for sale for a comprehensive security plan. The DVR or NVR that is used in compliant marijuana security camera systems must be accessible through an internet connection, making IP network security cameras the best choice.

All footage must also have an accurate stamp for time and date. The DVR and NVR of a marijuana business must also be stored in a secured lockbox. This prevents any tampering with the video footage. The positioning and placement of the security cameras also have their own regulations. 

For example, some states require businesses licensed to operate in the legal marijuana industry to have security cameras placed to capture certain video footage. The perimeter of the business must be monitored and pedestrians along with vehicular traffic on both sides must be visible.

Security cameras must also be placed at all entry points and have the ability to monitor all activity within twenty feet. Locations within the business must also be monitored. 

Security cameras inside a cannabis business must be able to monitor all point-of-sale areas and identify who is inside the business. The best way to determine the requirements of your state and local county is to contact the proper government organizations. 

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Protecting Your Investment With Marijuana Security Camera Systems

Adopting marijuana security camera systems is crucial to protecting the important financial investment that a marijuana business can be. There are a number of concerns that business owners in the marijuana industry must keep in mind to ensure their continued success and compliance with the law.

The major reasons for the challenges faced by marijuana businesses are because the federal government still considers marijuana to be an illegal substance. 

Challenges Faced by Marijuana Businesses

The illegality of marijuana on a federal level has created unique challenges for marijuana retail businesses including the inability to work with most financial institutions. While virtually every other industry depends on financial institutions to provide financial services, marijuana businesses are different.

Most financial institutions will not work with any business in the marijuana industry. This has created a situation in which marijuana businesses handle all transactions and their business finance in physical currency. In other words, the marijuana industry can be considered a cash-only business.

A marijuana business will have several pounds of marijuana on the premises depending on what their state laws allow. In some states, a single pound of marijuana can sell for approximately two-thousand dollars.

Considering this, marijuana businesses must handle very large sums of cash, which can create major security concerns. The next major challenge regards the marijuana security camera systems and the companies that sell and install them. 

Most large, national security camera stores will outright refuse to do business with a marijuana business. This extreme wariness to do business with these marijuana retail locations has made these businesses extremely vulnerable to criminals that want access to the large cash funds and marijuana products in the business.

There are, unfortunately, a number of examples of marijuana businesses being targeted. 

Deterrence and Maintaining Employee Accountability

The presence of marijuana security camera systems can act as a powerful deterrent against criminals that may target the business. Just like with any other business or residence, the major benefit of security cameras is to keep criminals from ever attempting to steal from the business.

This is because criminals are known to target the most vulnerable businesses. Adopting a security camera system alerts criminals that the business takes security very seriously. 

Although theft from outside individuals is always a threat, internal theft can end up costing a business far more in the long run. Employees have access to sensitive areas, expensive merchandise, and large sums of physical cash in a marijuana business.

By placing cameras in the legally required areas and employees-only areas, you can be assured that employees remain accountable.  Marijuana security camera systems can also help to grow higher-quality marijuana that can give a business a competitive edge over other businesses.

Regardless of the business’s legal security requirements and needs, there are surveillance products that can help. Be sure to visit Security Camera King for an affordable approach to purchasing marijuana security camera systems for a retail store, farm, or distribution center. 

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Marijuana Security Camera Systems

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