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Implementing an IP Security Surveillance System for Your Business

An IP security surveillance system can provide incredible benefits that go beyond safety and security for a business. One of the most important responsibilities as a business owner is protecting the assets, employees, and customers that make your business successful.

IP security cameras use advanced technology to provide users with innovative features and capabilities. All of these functions allow you to create a truly proactive security plan. 

In the past, implementing the best security camera system was costly and limited in what it could actually offer users. The surveillance industry has continued to innovate in the past decade. These innovations have made surveillance camera systems more affordable and accessible than ever before.

The following article will highlight the differences between older analog CCTV systems and IP surveillance systems along with the benefits that these systems can provide. If you have any other questions or wish to learn more then be sure to visit Security Camera King today.

Limitations of Older Analog CCTV Security Surveillance Systems

Before examining the incredible benefits that an IP security surveillance system can provide businesses, it is important to understand the differences between IP systems and their older counterparts. In the past, security surveillance systems were based on Analog CCTV technology.

Most people remember analog CCTV systems from the characteristically fuzzy, black and white video footage from the nineties and early 2000s.  Analog security surveillance systems are fully wired systems. Each security camera must be hardwired into the overall system.

Analog security ameras can only be placed in certain locations because of this design which makes scalability (or how easy it is to add new security cameras) much harder. As mentioned above, the video quality of analog security cameras is also much lower than their more modern IP counterparts. 

The poor video quality makes it difficult for viewers to clearly identify specific details like facial characteristics, clothing color, and other distinguishing features. Storing video footage is also a major challenge when compared to an IP security surveillance system.

Video footage is sent to a VCR or monitor. The footage is recorded on tapes or digital video recorders (DVRs) with hard drives that can quickly fill up and require replacement. 

What Makes an IP Security Camera System More Effective?

In contrast to analog CCTV systems, IP security cameras address many of the challenges that analog surveillance systems presented. Most IP security cameras operate using far fewer wires and do not necessarily require as much wiring into the overall system if any at all.

This increases the scalability of IP security cameras allowing users the ability to easily add more cameras when needed. Users can place their cameras in a variety of locations to improve their property’s security. 

IP security surveillance cameras are also able to produce high-resolution images using features such as night vision, color images, and video analytics. Users can expect to easily identify details such as license plate numbers, hair color, and more.

Storing video footage has never been easier. IP security cameras send the video footage they collect as encrypted digital data. Users can store video footage on a DVR, NVR, or a cloud-based storage service making it far more efficient than analog systems. 

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Benefits of Adopting an IP Security Surveillance System in Your Business

Adopting an IP security surveillance system is a great investment that comes with a multitude of benefits. Every business and commercial property can easily become the target of crime including theft (internal and external) and vandalism.

One incident of theft or vandalism can cause your business to lose thousands and deeply disrupt day to day business. Moreover, crimes such as these are not the only threats your business may face. 

Fraudulent and frivolous lawsuits can also end up costing a business valuable time and money. The increasing affordability of IP surveillance systems means more business owners can enjoy the incredible benefits that these innovative products offer. Below are some of the highlights of the benefits you can expect. 
Stop Crime Before It Ever Occurs
Most business owners will consider adopting an IP security surveillance system to protect their business from crime. You must also consider the safety of your employees and the customers that visit your commercial location every day.

Security cameras can defend your business from crime before it ever occurs. This is because an IP surveillance system is a powerful deterrent that criminals and vandals recognize. 

Security experts and consultants have spent years researching the nature of crime and why criminals target some businesses over others. They have consistently found that criminals will always go after the easiest targets.

In other words, criminals will most often target businesses that have little to no security devices like surveillance cameras and access control equipment in place. The presence of a quality IP surveillance system can deter crime before it ever happens. 
Reduce And Even Eliminate Theft
Theft of merchandise and company property can financially drain your business. Although shoplifters are always a major concern, employee theft can be just as harmful if not worse. Employees often have access to sensitive areas with expensive equipment, merchandise, and assets.

Dishonest employees can steal your business’s money and time. Fortunately, an IP security surveillance system can reduce if not completely eliminate theft from the outside and inside. 

Strategically placing the security cameras over cash registers, aisles, and employees-only areas allows you to monitor all the employees and customers as they spend time in your business. The day to day activities of employees can be monitored ensuring that they are not stealing time or money from your business.

As mentioned above, the presence of security cameras keeps individuals honest. 
Improve Productivity And The Customer Experience
One of the lesser known advantages of an IP security surveillance system is the ability to improve the day to day functions of a business. Security cameras can monitor customer foot traffic and video analytics can help you understand where customers go to most often.

This allows you to strategize product placement and marketing materials so that the largest amount of customers can be reached. On the employee side, monitoring the daily activities of employees can help you identify if duties should be altered, added, or removed.

If there is some duty that may be redundant or unnecessary, you can quickly address it and enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business. Employee monitoring, learning custom patterns, and other applications are all useful features provided by security camera systems in businesses.

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