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Reasons to Install a 360-Degree Security Camera

A 360 degree security camera can provide property owners with innovative features and capabilities that can enhance any security system. Despite their useful design and benefits, most consumers are not typically aware of them.

A 360 degree camera, also known as a fisheye security camera, is a security camera capable of full 360-degree views. This innovative feature provides properties with more surveillance opportunities in a wide range of settings.

The following article will go into detail of what a panoramic fisheye security camera is, how they function, and some of the advantages consumers can expect. If you have any further questions or want to learn more, be sure to visit our online security camera store for a wide selection of HD and IP security cameras for sale.

Defining A Fisheye Security Camera

Security cameras considered panoramic fisheye cameras are able to offer consumers a wider field of view than other security cameras. This field of view extends up to a full 360 degrees.

Fisheye security cameras are also generally IP surveillance cameras, making them highly flexible and easy to implement. There are a number of different fisheye security cameras that will either use a single ultra-wide angle lens or multiple image sensors at the same time.

The unique 360-degree fisheye design allows for a full 360-degree view that is not limited by blind spots. This can be extremely effective when needing to monitor a wide area with only one security camera.

There are also panoramic view security cameras with a 180-degree view. The 180-degree panoramic view security cameras are excellent for monitoring room corners and hallways.

A 360-degree security camera is not only a unique security camera design but also provides unique advantages for properties of all kinds. Below, we will examine how these innovative security cameras actually work.

How a 360 Degree Security Camera Functions

There are some key differences between panoramic fisheye surveillance cameras and other camera designs, like a fixed dome camera or fixed bullet security cameras.

The 360 degree surveillance camera uses a global view to achieve the most coverage possible. The unit seamlessly monitors the entire area and are extremely effective for large areas. Properties including stadiums, museums, retail stores, wide yards, offices, and more.

Unlike older, analog CCTV systems, a fisheye IP security camera can transfer video feeds through an internet connection. These feeds can be accessed from any internet enabled device including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

This is useful in remote monitoring, which can be professionally provided by a remote security guard to further enhance a property’s security plan. The innovative design of 360 degree security cameras can provide many important advantages over traditional fixed dome or bullet IP security cameras.

This has led properties and businesses of different sizes and industries to adopt these effective security surveillance cameras. Let’s examine some of the advantages that consumers can expect.

Affordable Security Solutions

Advantages Of 360 Degree Security Cameras

The increasing popularity of 360-degree security cameras can be tied to the innovative and beneficial advantages they provide consumers. These benefits can greatly enhance the security plan of any property.

The first of these benefits relates to the cost of the panoramic security camera. The safety and security of a property are an important factor for property owners to consider. For this reason, purchasing security cameras, such as our Elite 12MP IR IP Network Vandal Dome Fisheye Camera, can be considered a long term investment.

Fortunately, this investment is surprisingly affordable compared to multiple security cameras. This is due in large part to the cameras wide reach and ability to monitor 360-degrees of a large area.

Consumers who use panoramic security cameras can save money by having to purchase fewer security cameras to cover the same area. 360-degree security surveillance cameras are an affordable option for a variety of budgets.

Consumers can also expect to save money on traditional security camera accessories. Some of these accessories include power cables, protective covers, wiring, and others. This also makes installation and maintenance much easier.

The major feature that makes 360-degree fisheye security cameras so cost effective is their capacity for ultrawide coverage. This coverage extends from 180 degrees to full 360 degrees for an uninterrupted field of view.

Consumers can also expect their 360-degree security camera to remain reliable when needed most. High-resolution video imagery ensures that every detail is clear to see and easier to notice suspicious activity. If the security camera is for outdoor use then remember to purchase a model that is waterproof with night vision.

Installing 360-Degree Panoramic Security Cameras

Panoramic fisheye cameras are designed to take up as little space as possible while also being non-disruptive. This allows them to seamlessly blend into whatever setting they are placed in.

There are some tips to consider when installing a panoramic fisheye security camera to ensure they are as effective as possible. Follow these suggestions to take full advantage of these powerful surveillance devices.

  • If the 360-degree security camera needs to be installed to the ceiling, it should be installed in the very center of what is known as the monitoring zone. This will keep the images from being reshaped.
  • Other locations that should be avoided when installing the 360-degree panoramic security camera are near or on room corners. This location blocks the full panoramic view and hinders the camera’s effectiveness.
  • Locations near ceiling lamps or indicator lights should be avoided. These can interfere with the image signal and can alter the image quality of the video feeds.
  • Avoid locations close to air conditioning vents and electric entrance doors.
  • A great way to properly secure the fisheye security camera is by using expansion screws when they are installed. The expansion screws will keep the security camera from falling with long term use.

Be sure to watch the live video footage of our featured Fisheye Camera in the video below:

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360 Degree Security Camera

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