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How To Choose A Security Camera System For Small Business

A security camera system for small business properties should be dependable, versatile, and secure. There are a large number of different security camera options available to successfully accomplish small business surveillance goals, of which this article will discuss in more detail below.

You can also take a look at all the options available to implement a new security camera system for small business properties through the Security Camera King website. There you can find a large collection of different security camera types, including individual small business security cameras of every design or full security camera systems that are affordable and easy to install.

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Applications Of A Security Camera System For Small Business
One of the more important aspects of selecting the best security camera system for small business surveillance is to determine its applications. Small business security and surveillance can be used for a number of goals besides simple monitoring a property.

Questions to ask regarding business security and surveillance applications include:

  • Are you looking to prevent employee theft?
  • Are you looking to have employee monitoring?
  • Are you looking to secure the outside property?
  • Are you looking to view the business during and/or outside hours of operation?
  • Do you need low-light or night video monitoring?
  • How many cameras are you looking to add to the security camera system?
  • What is the overall budget for the security camera system?
  • How much video storage will be required?

Each of these answers will play an important role in determining which products are ideal and which can be passed over. They do night need to be answered thoroughly, but it is recommended to at least have a small understanding of the answers to address the priorities first.
Determine The Best Security Camera Design
One of the easiest options to determine is whether or not you plan to implement a multi-camera video monitoring system. If outdoor business security and surveillance is the only real priority, there are great options that are both practical and affordable.

A fixed lens security camera is often a cheaper option that can be easy to install, but it is limited to only remaining focused on a single point. This would be something used to monitor a cash register, an entrance, or an exit.

A security camera system for small business surveillance can also include a Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ camera. These offer more functionality and are capable of covering larger areas than a single fixed lens camera.

PTZ security cameras are especially useful for outdoor video monitoring. Though some of the more advanced PTZ cameras might have a higher price tag, they can also eliminate the need for having multiple fixed lens cameras in the system.

There are even auto-tracking PTZ cameras that can automatically detect and track moving objects that come into their point of view. They constantly survey the outdoor property and, once something is detected, they will fix themselves on the object to record high-resolution details.

There are even options to have these auto-tracker cameras send out direct notifications the moment it detects something suspicious. These alerts can be programmed as push notifications sent through email, text message, or even a phone call.

Watch a demo of an auto-tracking PTZ camera to see how this works below.

Affordable Security Solutions

An indoor security camera system for small business surveillance might not require a camera with as many advanced features and options. Indoor security cameras are often more affordable as well since they do not require the weatherproof housing to protect them from outdoor elements.

A popular option used in small business security and surveillance nowadays is a covert or hidden small security camera. These cameras are capable of being installed and placed in inconspicuous locations to avoid obvious detection.

These are highly advantageous for people looking to discreetly monitor their employees or visitors without calling attention to the video monitoring device. Hidden small security cameras are also used in locations where a camera appears obtrusive and imposes on the overall design aesthetic.
Determine The Hard Drive Needed For Video Storage
Depending on whether the cameras you choose are HD cameras or IP cameras, a video storage device will be required to store video recordings daily, weekly, and beyond. IP cameras are capable of processing and storing video themselves, but can also have an accompanying NVR to store more recordings for longer periods of time.

HD security cameras require a direct wired connection to a DVR, which then processes and stores the recordings itself. There are pros and cons to using either HD cameras with DVRs and IP cameras with NVRs, but the most important factor you will need to determine is how much hard drive space is needed to retain the total amount of footage.

Depending on whether you want the footage to be retained for a few hours, days, weeks, or more will greatly impact the cost of the video storage device. If you aren’t sure how much video storage you need, use a Hard Drive Calculator.

It will give you an approximate estimate of what will be required to use a security camera system for small business surveillance suitable for your applications. Remember, some security cameras can be set up to only record when motion is detected or during set hours and higher resolution recordings require more space.

Whatever it is you are looking for, Security Camera King has the products to make it happen. If you are still unsure and wish to get help from a security expert, call 866-573-8878.

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Security Camera System For Small Business

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