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Guide To Find The Best Security Camera System

Thanks to progress in surveillance technologies and lower manufacturing costs, buying a cheap security camera system no longer means buying a bad security camera system. Online security camera stores are abundant nowadays and with competition comes improvements.

The more important thing to consider about buying a cheap security camera system is what it is you are looking to gain from using it. There are other factors that will play a big role in your choice as well, such as the type of security camera and the system’s video storage capabilities.

At Security Camera King, we have successfully solved each of these problems by not only making low-cost security cameras for sale online, but also providing an easy to use guide to determine how to make the most of your surveillance budget.

The differences in each line of security cameras we carry vary in everything from price and ease of use to warranty options and mobile app remote viewing. There are also, of course, hundreds of different products to choose from that are each meant to be ideal for specific circumstances.

Keep reading to learn the best way to determine some of these choices in order to build the best performing cheap security camera system suitable to your own needs. You can also contact Security Camera King to speak with one of our sales representatives directly for expert advice before purchasing.
How To Choose The Best Cheap Security Camera System
The first thing to determine before purchasing a cheap security camera system is what sort of budget you are working with. If you are leaning towards buying security cameras that are more economically priced, then it’s probably best to check out our Sibell Series line.

The Sibell Series is an affordable and efficient line perfect for securing either residential homes or business properties. Sibell Series products are economical, yet dependable and come with a very high feature operating system.

Additionally, the Sibell Series products will make a great cheap security camera system if you are inexperienced with security and surveillance installation work and operation. They are fairly straightforward to set up and come equipped with an extremely user-friendly operation interface.


Price: Best Overall Value

Ease of Use: Amateur Level Installation & User-Friendly

Warranty: 2 Years

Ideal Applications: Residential & Business

Remote Viewing Options: Free Remote Viewing Apps on PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Affordable Security Solutions

If you are more interested in performance and don’t mind putting up a little bit more money for a higher performing cheap security camera system, there is another option. The Elite Series product line has both mid-grade and high-grade security and surveillance products capable of more functionality.

The Elite Series is a trustworthy lineup of various security cameras and video storage devices intended for experienced users and professional technicians. Elite Series products are still priced fairly, though they are higher by comparison because they typically boast more overall security and surveillance features.

The user interface in the operating system is definitely not as simple and is best for users with an advanced level of experience. Their installation is a bit more difficult to set up, yet the products can achieve commercial level surveillance with ease.


Price: Mid-Level to High-Level Costs

Ease of Use: Intermediate Level Installation & Professional Level Interface

Warranty: 1-3 Years

Ideal Applications: Residential, Business, & Commercial

Remote Viewing Options: Free Remote Viewing Apps on PC, Mac, iOS, Android

After you have decided on a product line, you will need to determine a few other things as well. Security cameras in both lines are available as either HD Cameras and IP Cameras. While HD Cameras might be cheaper than IP Cameras, IP Cameras generally outperform HD Cameras when it comes to camera resolution.

The primary difference between the two types of cameras is in how they transmit video footage to their video recording devices. HD Cameras require an HD over coaxial wired setup in conjunction with an HD DVR and IP Cameras can be used as either standalone video recording devices or with an NVR recorder.

Some advantages to HD Cameras is that they can often be used along with your current wiring set up and do not take up any network bandwidth. They can be purchased with as high as an 8MP resolution and often come with a 4 in 1 that is universally compatible with HD-CVI, HD-TVI, AHD, or Analog technologies.

IP Cameras, however, process video recordings inside the camera themselves and only require an NVR to increase video storage. Their resolution capabilities are as high as 12MP and even the poorest performing IP Cameras provide clearer, crisper recordings than the alternative option.

Check out Sibell HD Cameras | Check out Elite HD Cameras

Check out Sibell IP Cameras | Check out Elite IP Cameras

For more help with finding and purchasing the best cheap security camera system for your surveillance needs, contact Security Camera King.

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Cheap Security Camera System

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