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The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls

The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls Shopping malls use a variety of security cameras to monitor shoppers, reduce theft and to improve safety. When there is a large group of people in a shopping mall, it is important that security uses the best security equipment available. Many shopping mall security departments study crime prevention techniques and statistics to improve their security systems.

CCTV Security Cameras

Most shopping malls use CCTV security cameras to monitor common areas of the mall such as food courts, walkways and parking lots. They also employee security guards to monitor the cameras, walk around the mall and patrol parking areas. Crimes in shopping malls follow a typical pattern and includes shoplifting, nuisance behavior involving juveniles and thefts. Malls that are located in affluent areas attract a greater number of car thieves. CCTV security cameras have excellent image quality and offer security departments a clear picture of the mall surroundings.

Bullet and Domed Shaped Security Cameras

Shopping centers use bullet and domed shaped security cameras to keep a watchful eye on the mall. Bullet cameras are easy to see and are used most often in parking lots. Domed shaped security cameras are found within the walkways, stores and the food courts. Domed shaped cameras are not easy to detect unless you look for them. These cameras also make it impossible to tell which way the camera is pointing. Domed shaped cameras feature dark colored glass that prevents the camera to be seen. Cameras with wide angles are used to monitor large areas. The housing on bullet cameras located outdoors are made to withstand severe weather or tampering. Pan, tilt and zoom cameras make it easy for security to change the cameras angle to get a better view of a particular area.

Security Camera Monitoring

Since most shopping malls use security guards to constantly monitor their CCTV security cameras, it is important that employees understand how to recognize criminal behavior while monitoring the live video. The CCTV camera systems must be well placed in order to capture the best video. The presence of these security cameras also deters crime. Security cameras are also used to monitor employees especially when they are working the cash registers. Some shopping malls contract with local professional security companies to monitor their shopping centers. This can save the mall time and money.

Emergency Preparedness

Shootings in shopping malls have occurred in malls across the country. Mall security must prepare for this potential threat. Many mall security departments are reviewing and updating their security plans to prepare for this type of event. Shopping centers should prepare for any kind of emergency, whether it is a shooting, bomb threat or weather emergency. Retail malls are considered soft targets by security experts. That’s because you have a large group of people entering and exiting the building through multiple locations. This kind of environment makes it easy for a gunman to enter and exit the building quickly. This also makes the people who are shopping vulnerable and at risk. Shopping mall security departments must train and prepare for any kind of emergency scenario. They must hire security guards that meet the same standards as any other business with security needs.

The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls Parking Lot Security Needs

People are often a victim of crime in a shopping mall parking lot. That’s because large shopping centers bring a lot of people and that makes it easy for a thief to take someones purse or wallet. Parking lot thieves can quickly steal a purse and be on their way to safety. With the use of security cameras, mall security can review the images and help law enforcement track down the thief. Some shopping malls have security guards that drive around the parking areas. This presence can help reduce theft and other crimes. The presence of security vehicles patrolling the parking areas make shoppers feel more secure. It is important that all shopping malls use CCTV security cameras in their parking areas.

Emergency Management Planning

Mall security should develop their emergency management program with the help of local law enforcement agencies. These agencies have the knowledge and experience needed to develop a good plan. It is important that security guards work closely with law enforcement to improve response times. All security guards should know exactly what to do for a variety of emergencies. The shopping mall’s security director should coordinate emergency management training. A formal risk assessment should be used as a starting point. Emergency preparedness should also be practiced by store merchants and mall security.

Mall Fire Safety

Fire inside of the mall is a possible threat that requires preparation by mall security and store merchants. Individual store merchants should know which fire exits are the safest routes from their stores. A diagram of the shopping mall with all emergency exits should be given to all merchants. Fire safety drills should be performed on a regular basis. Some shopping malls are equipped with fire sprinklers that will put out the fire should one occur. However, it is still important that store merchants know what to expect and how to react. Store merchants can play a role in advising shoppers in case of fire. Way finding signs should be strategically placed in the mall to help shoppers recognize emergency exits.

Shoplifting Training

Shoplifting is a big problem in every shopping center and mall. The mall security force should be trained to respond to this type of threat. They should also know the shoplifting laws of their state. These laws can differ from state to state. Mall security personnel need to know when they should safely confront a shoplifter. CCTV cameras can help in this area by recording the event. This information can easily be turned over to local law enforcement.

Improving mall security is the goal of every security mall director. Training and hiring the best employees will result in a professional security workforce. Shopping centers and malls can improve their security methods by working closely with local law enforcement agencies. People go to the mall to have fun and enjoy themselves. It should be a place where safety issues have been resolved.

The Best Security Systems For Shopping Malls Choosing a Security Guard Company

Shopping center and mall owners may decide to hire a security guard company to handle their security needs. Choosing a security guard company gives mall owners access to security guards who have already been trained in security. A professional security guard company offers armed and unarmed security guards. Armed security guards are trained in the proper use of guns. They have been through hours of intense gun training. Unarmed guards are not authorized to carry guns. They are heavily trained on security methods and emergency response situations. The mall security director should choose a company that is professional, knowledgeable and performs background checks on all employees.

The background check should include drug testing and fingerprint search. This will ensure the employees are well-trained to perform mall security duties. The security director should look for a company that provides continuous security guard training for all security guards. They should also have a program for improving the security plan as needed. Security guards should be trained to handle a variety of potential security threats commonly found inside large shopping centers or malls. The security company should be authorized to provide security as required by the laws of the state. Most states require security guard companies to be licensed by the state.

A professional security guard company will require their security guards to wear uniforms. This will make it easy for store merchants and shoppers to recognize them. Most security guard companies require their security guards to carry two-way radios in order to communicate with each other. This helps to provide good communication between security guards. They should know which security threats requires the involvement of local law enforcement. Security guards and local law enforcement must work together to improve mall security. Most states require licensed security guards to enroll in continuing education courses to keep their licenses from expiring.

Different states have different training and licensing guidelines for security guards to follow. Choose a company that provides all of the equipment they need to perform their job. This includes uniforms, communication tools and protective gear. They should also provide programs that include reviewing security procedures and improving them. Armed security guards should be highly trained in weapons and emergency procedures. All security guards should know basic first aid, CPR and how to use a defibrillator. This will ensure the security company knows how to respond to basic medical emergencies until local emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene.

They should know how to recognize common threats such as juvenile violence and theft. The company should spell out their terms of service in a contract. These contracts are often for one to two years. A professional security guard company should include itemized charges on their bills sent to the mall owners or directors. If the security company is not performing their duties as determined by the contract, the security director should be contacted. Most security guard companies are highly trained and professional.

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