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Where To Hide Your Security DVR

Often a customer will ask how they can protect their DVR. The fear is when a their breaks into your business, they will simply take the DVR with them and you will lose all the footage taken by your security cameras. We had a customer that requested a unique solution to this. I thought I should share this idea with you. This customer owns a jewelery store and he had us install 16 security cameras. We installed 4 cameras outside including an auto tracking PTZ in the parking lot and 3 cameras providing general over views. Inside, we mounted a camera to be used for facial detection. It is the SVD-58DNL2812.We mounted that facing the front door and adjusted the vari-focal lens so that only the entrance was in the video. This provided great detail of each person walking in.Then we ran all our cables through the ceiling to a back room. In the ceiling just before we dropped the cables down the wall, we installed a DVR in a lockbox bolted to the wall inside the ceiling. Before we connected the cables to the DVR, we used BNC-T connectors to split the cables. One end of each cable went into the end of the DVR, the other end of each cable was dropped down the wall to a desk in the back room. We installed the power supply and a UPS battery backup on the wall right next to the DVR in the ceiling. We set all of this up so that the DVR in the ceiling could be accessed by simply moving a single ceiling tile. Then we installed a second DVR on the desk in the back room and connected the cables to the back of it. We also connected a monitor and set it to record. This was an inexpensive DVR. The plan is to fool any thieves that try to take or disconnect the DVR. They will break in, find the DVR on the desk in the back room, disconnect it, then if we are really lucky they might even take of their masks thinking they are safe. Either way, the DVR in the ceiling is still recording the entire event. Please let us know what you think of this great idea!


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