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This Tool is use to recover Data that is in the DVR's Hard Drive to your PC, it is basically a tool that will search for files that have been recorded in the DVR's Hard Drive and then you can dump them in your PC. you simply have to choose the HDD from the drop down, choose beginning time and end time and click search; if those files exist you will be able to copy them to your PC. Please refer to manual included with this tool. Thanks!!!

NOTE: make sure the Hard Drive have been remove from the DVR and Installed in your PC using an external enclosure to begin recovery of data from the HDD. Also understand that this will only work if the Hard Drive is in good condition and not defected, refer to Google to learn how to install a Hard Drive in your PC Desktop, Make sure to avoid Formatting the Hard Drive in your PC, this will erase all of its Data. "WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO RETRIEVE ANY DATA THAT HAS BEEN ERASED"

HDD Tool Download
HDD Tool for 2009 and older DVRs Download
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