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Set up on Ultimate Mini-series DVRs

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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Set up on Ultimate Mini-series DVRs The big brown box just arrived. After inspection of the box and its contents you are assured everything you have ordered is accounted for. Great, now you can start running cable and hanging cameras. You can figure it will take anywhere from one or two hours to run the cable and hang the camera. If you have to roll out the lift truck it will probably take a little longer. Of course this estimate is considering that you have some prior knowledge of cameras. Crawling through attics and swinging on ladders is not for everybody.

After you get all your cameras installed you go to the DVR itself. You connect all your cameras to the DVR and hook up power. POWER ON!  Now it is time to wrap up the install and use the new system. You cannot wait any longer finally dessert is served.  Once the DVR comes on you see on the monitor that there is a configuration wizard and a grid view of the channels on the dvr, but you do not see any video…

Before you pick up the phone and call tech support take a look at the back of the DVR and make sure that you have the BNC connectors hooked up to the video IN. There are several BNC connections on the back of the DVR that are not for video in. Some are for audio in or out and some are video out.  As you reconnect the cameras to the correct BNC ports the video feeds come up and you feel that victory inside.  YES I DID IT, but what is with this wizard that will not go away…