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Home Security – How to Prevent Your Home From Being Robbed

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Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Home Robbery

In reference to home security, what is the first thing you think about when you hear that someone’s home was burglarized? Usually the first thing that comes to mind is that the home owner should have installed some sort of alarm or security system to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, even people who have alarm systems and surveillance systems can be susceptible to being robbed.

Many times, the person robbing your home is someone who has been inside your home before and knows exactly what is inside waiting for them. The truth is, most criminals will not enter a home where they’re not sure if there’s a security system of some sort. This includes home owners with dogs, alarm systems, security systems, and even guns. If the burglar has a chance to get in your home, they can quickly assess the situation and memorize what kind of obstacles they will have when entering your home.

Here are some things to look out for that will help prevent anyone from burglarizing your home:

1. Beware of who you allow into your home or on your property

Recently, I received a letter from my utility company warning me not to allow anyone in my home posing to work for the utilities company. They mentioned that they will never ask to enter your home without prior notice and all employees will have an ID that they must show. If you don’t have an appointment, there’s no reason for anyone to enter your home. Luckily, I have a very large wolf-dog, Luna, that hangs out in my back yard and most people who see her are instantly frightened by her size and ferocious look, so they instantly know to stay away. I had a meter reader from the gas company come out who asked me to put my dog away so that he could read the meter. I normally keep a lock on my gate so no one is able to just walk in the yard while she’s out, and so that no one leaves the doors open for the her to run away. I noticed that this man had originally tried to jump my fence until he saw Luna running towards him. Just to give you an idea of what he saw, here are some photos of Luna the Wolfdog:

Luna the Wolfdog

I kind of laughed to myself about it because first of all, no one should be jumping my fence. Especially when they see that there is a lock on the fence. Why not just knock first? My car was even out in the driveway which normally signifies that someone is home. I’m sure this man will definitely knock first the next time. Once he saw Luna the Wolfdog, he then knocked and asked me to put her away, and it got me thinking. What if he wasn’t really working for the utility company and was just trying to scope out what was in the back yard? You can never be too careful. If someone does come out to your house asking to come inside, ask for identification, and before letting them in, verify with your utilities company and call the police if you need to. They will come out to verify that the person asking to come into your home is legitimate. If you don’t have access to a large beast that will show a nice set of teeth to an intruder, some of the following suggestions may help save your home from being robbed.

2. Don’t allow anyone inside to use your bathroom or phone

Another thing that can has been admitted by burglars is that they will ask to use the bathroom in your house. Just picture this scenario. You hire a company to cut your grass month to month and you get to know the workers on a “Hi and Bye” basis, but you never truly learn who they are. One day one of the men ask to use your bathroom and you kindly allow him into your house. I would suggest that you never allow someone into your home who you don’t know, but some people are too nice and don’t want to seem rude by saying no. It’s your right to say no, just remember that. However, if you do decide to trust them and let them in your house, make sure to check the bathroom windows once they leave. Sometimes burglars will ask to use your restroom and then unlock your windows so they may come back later and have an easy way into your house. If you don’t have an alarm system with sensors on your windows, you would never know that they opened it and went into your house until it was too late. If they had to break a window to get in, you would know the second you arrived and saw the broken glass, so most burglars will try to find a way around this. The more time they are given between the burglary and you finding out, the less likely you’ll find out who it was.

bathroom window locks

3. Take notice of what you leave and have outside of your home

If you have nice things outside your home, it’s an easy way for someone to have an idea of what kind of stuff you have inside of your home. For instance, letting your kids leave their nice toys outside your home may give a burglar a clue that you have even nicer toys for them inside the home including gaming consoles, expensive electronics and more. This shows someone scoping out your home how much money you have and makes you a better target.

Burglars will also notice if you have mail piling up in your mailbox or maybe even flyers or newspapers that are beginning to pile up outside. This will let a burglar know that you’re not always home or that you have been away for a long period of time. Make sure to have a neighbor you trust bring in your newspapers or mail if you are away so that robbers don’t know that you’re gone.


While they are at it, make sure that if there’s snow outside of your house that they walk around and create some tracks so that it shows someone has recently been there and around the house. It’s easy to tell that no one has been in or out of the house If there has been fresh snow sitting there for a week undisturbed. Or better yet, maybe they will shovel the snow for you.

4. Be smart about your alarm system installation

If you do decide to have an alarm put into your home, make sure that your keypads aren’t near any windows. With technology these days, it’s very easy for someone to use a digital camera to zoom into your window from across the street and see or record exactly what you are punching into your security keypad.

Also, a security company that knows what they’re doing is going to make sure that your motion detectors are pointed correctly and that every window in your home has a sensor on it. This means your window over the sink, bathroom windows, and even secondary floor windows are covered as well. If a burglar wants to get into your home, they will use any means possible to get in. And remember, this is more than likely going to be someone that’s been in your home before so they will know exactly which windows are unlocked or unarmed most of the time.


5. Pretend you’re home.

Most burglars will check first to make sure whether or not you are home. This may mean that they will knock on the door first to check if anyone will open it. If you do open it, they may offer you a service such as cleaning your gutters or cutting your grass. They may even simply just ask for directions. Be wary of this.

If you’re not home and would like to save energy, most people will not leave their lights completely on while they are away. The cool thing is that there are some devices out there which will simulate your presence at home. There’s a device called FakeTV which will shine lights in your home or window to simulate a TV being on. You can even set it on a timer so that it comes on when you want it to.


If you have a DVR and security camera surveillance system from you can also setup your cameras to notify you if someone is in or near your house. The cameras can be set to motion detection and the DVR has a feature you can turn on so that it’ll send you an email or notification to your smart device. One way is to receive a screen shot from which ever camera you choose, another is to just receive a standard notification and you will be able to open your live viewing software on your smartphone or tablet in order to view your cameras live, and see if there really is an intruder on your property. You can then decide on whether or not you need to call the police. Most DVR’s can now also be integrated with your alarm system so that the motion detection on the camera can set off an alarm. This way you don’t have to buy any motion detectors along with the surveillance system. Just make sure the DVR you purchase has alarm inputs and outputs on the back.

6. Burglars may be looking in from the outside

Remember that leaving your blinds open is another way for burglars to look inside to see what you have. They will drive or even walk by the neighborhood at night just before you go to bed to see what you have inside and pick a target house. Try to keep your blinds closed once the sun goes down so burglars can’t see inside. Some will even walk around during the day and try to look official with a uniform or clipboard in hand. If you see anyone suspicious don’t feel weird keeping an eye on what they’re doing.

Having thorny bushes near your windows can also be a deterrent since it will make it harder for anyone to come right up to your windows to look inside.


7. Lock your windows and doors

Believe it or not, some people will leave their doors and windows unlocked when they leave their house. I have done this in the past as well, when being too lazy to check everything before leaving even if it’s just for a short amount of time. Some burglars have even admitted to knocking on doors and when no one answers they try the doorknob to see if it’s unlocked and will walk right in.

Hand holding key (with key hole)

8. Don’t announce that you’re away

One of the most common things I’ve seen lately is people announcing online when they’re leaving their house or going on vacation. If you don’t have the proper surveillance system set up to notify you when someone is in your house, announcing your departure online is an easy way to make yourself a target to robbery.


As you can see, there are many different things you can do to make sure your home isn’t going to become a target for robbery. Just be smart about it and you may save yourself the trouble of having your day ruined because of an intruder. You’ll feel very violated especially when there are so many things you could have done to prevent it. The best solution against this is being prepared. I’ve heard many people telling me that they’re looking to get a surveillance system or alarm because they were robbed. By then it’s already too late and the damage is done!


Best Security Camera System Apps For IOS

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Best Security Camera System Apps For IOS Technology advances have made it possible for you to monitor your security system with your smartphone or tablet. The software combines with an iOS device and makes it the first mobile camera security system available in the world. This is a convenient way to keep an eye on your home while you are out of the country or on vacation. The system uses the latest technology to allow images to be viewed from most computer browsers or live video streams from a smartphone.

How To Choose A Security Provider

The first step in developing a good home security system is to determine how you want to view the images. If you want your system monitored by a professional security provider, you should make sure they have good response times. It is critical that the company can provide fast response times in the event your home is burglarized. Some systems can be hooked up directly to your local law enforcement office. Find out about your choices in your community. Choose a security provider that leases security equipment. This way, you won’t have to pay for upfront equipment costs. Most security companies will charge you for installation.

Try to find a security company that offers special deals for new customers. Installing a security system in your home will help protect your valuables and your family. You should contact a home security company to determine which security camera system is best for your home. A home security company can answer all your questions about installation and operating your system. Home security systems have advanced with technology and offer wireless systems. This means you no longer have to install wires throughout the walls of your home in order to have a security system installed. A security system will alert you if someone tries to open your doors while you are at home. If you want your security system professionally monitored, then you will have to use an alarm system company.

These companies offer monitoring services at a low monthly price. No matter what kind of alarm system you need, you should be able to rent the equipment through the monitoring company. When the time comes for you to move, you simply return the equipment back to the monitoring company. This is the most economical way to install an alarm system. If you prefer to own your equipment, you can buy alarm systems online or at your local home security store. The majority of home intrusions happen during the daytime. This is when burglars expect no one to be at home. They may case the neighborhood days before they pick their target.

Potential burglars often knock on doors to see who is at home during the day. This is why many cities have adopted laws regarding solicitation. In many communities across the nation, it is against the law for solicitors to knock on doors. It just depends the laws in your community. Home security also includes other areas of your home besides an intrusion alarm. You should make sure you have good locks on your doors and windows. You can buy sensors that are installed on your doors and windows that will alert you when they are triggered.

Monitoring Your Own Security System

If you decide not to hire a security company, then you will be responsible for monitoring your home. This can be difficult to do, especially if you are at work all day. You can set up security systems that use smartphone technology to text or call you if the system detects a problem. This is a convenient way to monitor your home from anywhere in the country. If you choose a security system with the capability to monitor it from your smartphone, then you can program the system to call or text you. You can set the system up to call several numbers in case you don’t answer. The cameras installed in your home use sensors that detect motion. When the camera senses motion, the security system will send you a message according to your preferences.

Home Security Tips

If you have recently moved into your home, you should change the locks. Many new homeowners forget that previous tenants had the same keys. You never know how many people the old homeowners gave keys. To be safe, you should change all the locks in the home. This includes the garage door opener. Find out how to change the code on your garage door opener. Some garage openers use a technology that changes the code every time you open or close the garage. To be sure, research the manufacturer of your garage door. Garage doors can accidentally open up on their own. Especially if you have a sensitive garage door opener. There are many times that homeowners have been burglaried just because the garage door was wide open.

Don’t give your alarm code or house keys to anyone. This includes cleaning and repair services. Make sure someone is at home to open the door for servicemen. It is simply not worth the risk. If you lose your house keys, change all the locks. The locks on the doors and windows should be secure. You can hire a locksmith to install high-quality locks and deadbolts. Intruders often enter your home through the windows or doors. Another common area is the garage door that leads into your home from the garage. Secure all doors that lead into your home with deadbolts. The doors should be made of quality wood materials that will make it difficult for a burglar to force their way inside.

Make sure the landscaping around your home does not obstruct views. Intruders often use thick landscaping to hide undetected. If there are large tree branches hanging close to your home, you should hire someone to prune them. You must look at your home the same way a burglar does. Walk through your home looking for areas that might make it easy for a thief to break inside your home. Keep big screen televisions and expensive electronics out of sight in front of windows. People who pass by your home can look inside and see what you own. When you do purchase an expensive electronic, don’t throw the box out by the curb. This will be an invitation to a potential thief that you have something that makes it worth breaking into your home. Electronics and jewelry are the number one items thieves are looking for when they enter your home.

When you move into a new area, list your name with your first initial and last name only. This will prevent someone from identifying your gender. Never let anyone in your home to use the phone. Take down the information and offer to make the call for them. You can speak through the door without opening it. Install a peek hole in your front door. You can also install an intercom system to speak to people at the door. If you don’t recognize someone at the door, you should at least speak to them. This way, they don’t think your home is empty and you could become a victim of violence. Most burglars break into homes that are not occupied. Violence can occur if you surprise a burglar. Always speak to anyone who comes to the door through the door. They can hear you and you won’t put yourself in danger.

If you have an alarm system, don’t fail to turn it on. Many people simply forget to arm their security system when they are at home. It is just as important to arm your system when you are at home as it is when you are not home. Sliding glass doors with hinges on the outside make it easy for a burglar to remove the door. Install locking devices made especially for sliding glass doors. You can find them at most home improvement stores. While you are there, look at the latest security devices on the market. You will be surprised at how much technology has improved home security devices. Don’t hide your valuables in common places such as under the mattress, in a bedroom drawer or a jewelry box. Use your jewelry box for costume jewelry instead. Buy a safe that is heavy enough that it can’t be moved. There is no use buying a small safe if it can be carried out your door by a thief.

Some law enforcement agencies offer an encoding service for community residents. The encoding service will mark your valuable electronics with a special code. If the burglar tries to sell your items at a pawn shop, then it can be traced back to you. Pawn shops must report to the local law enforcement agency items that are sold daily. Ask your law enforcement agency if they offer security audits in your neighborhood. This is a great way to have your home inspected for security problems. You should also find out about possible theft problems in your area. This can help you become aware of your surroundings in your neighborhood. If you don’t have a neighborhood crime watch program, you can start one on your own. Knock on your neighbor’s doors and get to know them. This is a great way to ensure your neighborhood stays safe.

Many thieves are looking for copper as well as expensive electronics. If your air conditioning system has copper wires that are visible, consider calling your contractor to hide the wires. There is also copper wiring inside some plumbing fixtures. Thieves sell the copper and make a good profit. You will be left with a system that no longer works. The repair costs will be expensive. Keep your garage cleaned out so you can park your cars in the garage. This will make it harder for thieves to figure out your schedule. This is one way thieves pick their target. They look for people that make it easy for them to predict their schedule. You should also light up the outside of your home at nighttime. You can install low-cost solar lights that will improve the look of your home as well as give you more protection. Motion detecting lights are also a good choice. These lights won’t come on unless they detect motion.

Don’t leave your garage door opener inside your vehicle if you park on the street. This is a great way for a burglar to gain access into your home. Home burglaries usually are not chosen at random. Burglars take the time to study the neighborhood and their victim’s homes. Sometimes they will cruise through a neighborhood just looking for a garage door to be open. If you leave your garage door open, a burglar can jump in and steal your expensive sports equipment. You can buy surveillance cameras that are fake but look just like the real ones. Some of these models even have LED lights that flash making them believable. Burglars often will avoid homes where there are security cameras located on the outside of the home. There are plenty of other homes for them to choose that don’t have security cameras.

Combining a number of security methods can reduce your chance of your home being burglarized. The most common time of day for household theft is during the day when people are at work. The summer season brings more burglaries because it is the vacation season when people are away from home. When you do go on vacation, make sure your home does not look like no one is at home. Cancel newspaper delivery services and hold your mail. This is the number one clue that you are on vacation. You can also install timers for your lights to come on and off at various times of the day. Remember, most thieves watch the homes they target for a few days. If you use timers, then your absence won’t be as noticeable. Following these home security tips can reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime. No system is completely fool-proof but you should try to reduce your risks.


Advanced Securities Home Security Systems

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Used alone or in tandem with other advanced securities home security systems such as residential alarms, digital video home security systems can provide you with total residential security coverage and peace of mind. Digital video camera technology is probably the most advanced securities home security systems used today.

There are several types of advanced securities home security systems including residential and commercial burglar alarms, fire alarms, chemical alarms, pool alarms, digital video security and surveillance cameras, and many other alerts or alarms that can be detected by almost any sort of sensor. Alerts are designed to notify the user or some other entity of an event. Alarms may notify the user or a professional monitoring service of an event, and may also simultaneously trigger a reaction (such as a siren, pre-recorded verbal message or other type of audio or even visual signal) that is designed to aid in aborting a potential criminal act or violation, breech of trespass or entry, or other unwanted act.

Advanced securities home security systems alerts are usually designed to provide a notice of an event in either a silent, graphic or audible form, For example, a home security alert system may be designed to send an e-mail, a silent form of alert, to the user upon initiation of a trigger. Likewise, an alert may also initiate some sort of warning or picture on a monitor, a graphic form. Finally, an alert may be in audible form such as causing a pager to beep, a cell phone to ring, or some other sound to be initiated.

Alarms are another form of advanced securities home security systems that may provide an alert, and usually, but not always some sort of deterrent of an unwanted act (as defined by the owner of the alarm). Note that one dictionary definition of the term alarm is “An electrical, electronic, or mechanical device that serves to warn of danger by means of a sound or signal,” yet another dictionary definition is “To fill with alarm, frighten.” The major premise behind a loud siren burglar or intruder alarm is not only to serve notice that some unwanted event has occurred, but also alarm or frighten the potential violator enough to abort or deter an further action.

Residential digital video Closed Circuit Television or CCTV) security systems are another type of advanced securities home security system. In fact, a digital video system can not only monitor and record the actual act in progress, but they also can be used as an alert and/or alarm.

Residential CCTV security systems have expanded their capabilities exponentially and their cost has reduced drastically with advances in technology especially over the past 10 years. Legacy CCTV systems consist of analog video cameras that normally recorded their analog video stream to a VHS or even Beta (terms which even now may seem antiquated). Some systems offered the ability to be monitored 24/7 by a professional monitoring company, but at a cost the was normally only affordable to wealthy households.

Contemporary home CCTV systems no longer use analog cameras. These systems now use digital video cameras, video processors, and Digital Video Recorders or DVRs.

Residential security systems’ digital video cameras are much cheaper, lighter in weight, easier to install, and especially lower in cost than their legacy analog counterparts. In addition, the electronic chip used to convert light into electrical impulses is inherently sensitive to near infrared illumination making these cameras an in expensive tool for total darkness video monitoring.

Today’s DVRs are essentially the same as a Personal Computer’s (PC’s) hard disk drive. Since the video files are digital, they can be stored easily on these drives and, as computer hard drive technology and storage capacity increases, the same is true for DVRs. In addition, the DVR may also contain a specialized computer processor called a video processor that realizes the same benefits from advances in computer technology.

Finally, digital video home security systems can easily be connected to personal computers, servers, and the internet providing the user with a myriad of options for notification (alerts), warning mechanisms (alarms), and monitoring methods. The offer a deterrent effect similar to alarms but also add greatly to prevention and documentation of an event.

It’s easy to understand why digital video home security systems are considered as advanced securities home security systems. Used in combination with sensor type alarms, a digital video home security system can offer the ultimate in home security.


Home Security System Camera Sound

Friday, August 20th, 2010

If you need a residential security monitoring system that records audio, you need to consider a home security system camera sound. These systems are standard digital video recording systems that produce high quality color digital video but in addition, they also record sound.

There are several uses for a home security system camera sound. One of the most widely used applications is as gate cameras at the entrance to properties. A digital video camera with sound is placed at the entry gate location and is normally used with an electronically controlled entry gate. Users can not only see the visitor using video, but can converse with them using the audio function as well.

Another practical application, similar to the gate camera, for a home security system camera with sound is a front door (or any door for that matter) entrance system. The camera is mounted in a location that can capture the image of anyone entering or approaching an entrance. Once again, audio can be recorded and with a simple intercom like system be used to communicate with the visitor.

A third application for a home security system camera sound is when it is used as a baby monitor. Night vision infrared security digital video cameras with audio are normally used for these systems. An infrared digital video camera is sensitive to infrared radiation. These cameras use infrared Light Emitting Diodes ore LEDs to illuminate the baby’s area. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye so it won’t disturb the baby during periods of sleep at night. In addition, audio recording provides constant sound monitoring as well, making this a comprehensive monitoring system.

Another possible application may include using a camera with sound to monitor a non-ambulatory medical patient. Some individuals that are confined to a bed may require 24/7 video monitoring. In addition, if a home security system camera sound is used then the patient can alert the caregiver if they are needed by using their voice or some other sound creating object. Wireless remote monitors make these applications even more versatile by allowing the user freedom to move about the house.

There are several different types of home security systems with cameras that capture sound. In fact, most camera types are available. Some of the sound recording camera types available may include:

• Indoor/outdoor — unless they are specified as being both types, cameras are normally one or the other. Outdoor cameras have enclosures that protect them from the elements.

• Day/night vision — these cameras are very sensitive to light and record video images in very little available visible light.

• Night vision infrared — these cameras (such as the baby monitor type mentioned above) can record video images in total darkness using infrared illumination.

• Wireless — digital video security cameras require a transmission cable be run from each camera to a Digital Video Recorder or DVR. Wireless cameras eliminate the need for this cable by sending the signal via radio waves.

• Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) — these cameras and move horizontally and vertically to increase the field of view for the camera. In addition, they can “zoom” in using telephoto lens technology to enlarge objects.

• Internet Protocol or IP ready — these cameras contain their own server technology and c an be networked using the internet. Their video and sound can be monitored and recorded using a personal computer connected to the internet and a standard web browser like Internet Explorer.

• Motion Detection On — these cameras contain a motion detector that switches the camera on to record video and audio saving DVR or hard drive recording space. In addition, if your camera is battery operated this will greatly extend the life of the battery.

These are just some of the examples of the various cameras that can also be used to record sound. If capturing sound is important as well as video, you should consider purchasing a home security system camera sound. These systems require very little if any extra installation preparation, are easy to install and use, and are versatile enough to be used for many different kinds of applications.