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How to Install BNC Compression Connectors

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

This is video demonstration for on how to properly install a compression fitting for BNC connectors to RG59 cable.

First you slice off the outer sheath and then you go ahead and you will notice that there is a white sleeve inside and you will cut the white sleeve inside exposing the copper inside the cable.

You want to leave just enough copper, that’s a little long, to get into the BNC connector.  So you’ll notice here as you compare that that’s what it should look like right over here.

Then you’ll go ahead and apply the connector and you want to apply it with as much pressure as possible get a nice tight fit in there.   Then you’ll use a tool which we sell on our Web site as well, and this tool is used to connect the BNC connector compression fitting to the RG59 cable.

Make sure that it’s flush there’s a height adjustment, you want it to be flush before you start to apply the pressure.  Then you’ll notice it will compress.  Once it’s compressed if you compare that against an uncompressed cable, against an uncompressed BNC connector, and you’ll see the difference between the two connectors.

The compressed connector is much smaller when you properly connected it and you can see here how tight the fitting is.  You can pull with as much pressure as you want and it won’t come off.  That’s a great way to install compression BNC fittings to RG59 cable.