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Why have security cameras in your business?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

There are many benefits to having security cameras installed in your business. The cost of adding security cameras for your business can vary, but usually a general rule of thumb would be $500 to $1500 per camera depending on the level of equipment you select and complexity of the installation. Often, you can install your own security camera system and save a lot of money. Once you have security cameras installed in your business, your employees will know that they are constantly being monitored and this would benefit you in increased employee production and reduced shrinkage. If they know you are watching they are less likely to steal from you or to being doing anything they are not supposed to be doing. also, a networkable surveillance system for you business will give you the ability to monitor your business remotely from anywhere that has an internet connection. That means that you can watch your security cameras and your business from home, or while you are on vacation. This should allow you to work less hours. Of course, having a security camera system installed in your business would deter thieves and often provide you with usable video of thieves that can assist in prosecution.