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Video Output Of The Elite and Ultimate DVRs

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

One of the benefits of selecting our DVRs are the various video outputs available. The biggest advantage is the HDMI video output. This output allows you to connect the DVR to an HD television or monitor using the HDMI input. This provides great detail since HD video is higher resolution than standard VGA. Additionally, some televisions only have RCA and HDMI inputs and this means that for most DVRs, you would need to convert from BNC to connect. With the Elite and Ultimate DVR you can connect directly just using an HDMI cable.
The next option on all of our DVRs is VGA. The VGA output will allow you to connect the DVR to a standard LCD monitor. Next, there is a BNC output which you can use to connect to a security monitor or the RCA input of a standard TV. Lastly, is the spot monitor output. The spot monitor uses BNC which can connect to a security monitor or a standard RCA input of a TV. The Elite and ultimate DVRs have a built in Matrix which allows you to have a separate sequence of cameras displayed on the spot monitor. This can be a very useful feature.
On the Elite and Ultimate DVRs there are also loop outs for every channel. The loop outs use BNC for the video outputs and are a convenient way to connect individual cameras to spot monitors that will display only one camera.
Unlike most DVRs, all the video outputs can be used at the same time. So essentially, you can have 3 main monitors, 1 Matrix spot monitor and then 1 spot monitor for each channel of the DVR.