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Nothing can provide the power of security and surveillance better than Closed Circuit Tv Cameras and their CCTV digital system.  Analog digital security provides adequate security and surveillance, but with the advent of the CCTV digital system there are far more beneficial features and options available.  In fact there are Closed Circuit Tv Cameras for just about every security or surveillance situation.

A standard CCTV digital system is based on components.  That means that individual devices (in this case the individual components) can usually be mixed and matched to adapt to a variety of uses to create the ultimate CCTV digital system.  The three components, Closed Circuit Tv Cameras, Digital Video Recorders or DVRs, and monitors provide the flexibility of versatile applications while maintaining the power and integrity of a single, complete and easily controllable system.

Closed Circuit Tv Camera systems are expandable so they are great for both residential and commercial applications.  Security Camera King offers the “Complete 16 Channel (i.e. 16 camera inputs) DVR Ultimate Security Camera Package with Bulk Cable” and their brand new Hybrid HD DVR as their finest, top-of-line digital system.  Although the Ultimate package can handle sixteen channels, and the Hybrid DVR can handle 8, which is adequate for most security applications, if more cameras are required, additional cameras with an additional DVR can be added.

Closed Circuit Tv camera’s have a wealth of features and options to make them applicable to almost any need.  In addition to the standard box, bullet, or dome shaped cameras CCTV digital systems can easily employ the use of covert video surveillance cameras such as hidden or disguised cameras.  This is possible because the digital cameras can be manufactured in such incredibly small sizes.

In addition, the electronic sensor inside the camera that converts the light energy emitted by the objects in the camera’s field of view can also inherently detect near infrared radiation.  In fact, most non-infrared cameras have an infrared filter over the sensor to block out the near infrared light.  This inherent ability to detect infrared radiation makes the camera an excellent choice for night time or total darkness video monitoring applications.  The camera’s sensor can detect the infrared light but it is invisible to the human eye.

Other optional features of Closed Circuit TV Cameras include using the Internet for networking cameras or DVR’s and for providing access to Closed Circuit TV Camera systems anywhere in the world that there is broadband Internet access and a suitable device (computer or smartphone).

Closed Circuit TV Camera systems can also have object tracking or following as part of the software that is supplied with either the DVR or Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras.  Object tracking makes CCTV digital systems an excellent choice for commercial parking lots or for following individuals in open spaces.

Digital Video Recorders, like their analog ancestors the VHS or Beta video recorder, can store digital video files for later use or archiving, or can render them in real-time for live viewing.  Security Camera King’s featured DVR’s even have the ability to stream the digital images from our Closed Circuit Tv Camera digital systems over the Internet.  Unlike analog recording mediums, long-term digital storage media (CDs and DVDs for example) don’t allow the quality of the video image to degrade over time.

The third component of the Closed Circuit TV camera digital system, the digital monitor, has also offered vast improvements over its analog ancestor the CRT monitor.  Digital monitors can provide High Definition (HD) images or several camera images on just one monitor.  In addition, these monitors are much lighter so they can easily be wall or ceiling mounted.  Furthermore, they use a lot less power to produce their pictures than their older counterparts.

Finally, since every component of a CCTV digital system now operates based on digital data, many of the individual electronic parts of the system are the same parts used in the personal computer world.  Closed Circuit TV Cameras are similar to webcams; DVR’s are similar to computer hard disk drives; and security monitors are similar to computer monitors.

This provides for an enormous advantage over older analog systems.  Much of the equipment used in CCTV digital systems takes advantage of the vast technological advances that are made in the personal computing world.  Not only do the systems reap the benefit of technological advances, but the systems themselves are much more versatile in use and are lower in price.



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