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Why would anyone want to use a construction site camera?  Can it stop theft of materials and tools?  What kind of camera is it?  In the following article we’ll answer some these questions and more, so read on.

First, “Why would anyone want to use a construction site camera?” and “Can it stop theft of materials and tools?” kind of go hand in hand and both questions can be answered with one answer.

A construction site camera can help prevent theft of materials and tools, but admittedly it cannot stop the theft of these things.  However, law enforcement agencies around the world including large cities like London, England and New York City have documented reduced crime in areas of digital video surveillance cameras.  In addition, it has been shown time and time again that a digital video security and surveillance system does deter perpetrators with negative intentions.  What’s that saying?  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?”

Not only can a construction site camera be used to deter theft and trespassing of unauthorized individuals, but it can monitor the construction crew during the day to help document any injuries or other problems during the work day.  A workers compensation claim can be very easy to deal with when the event is all digitally recorded.

Finally another good reason for using a construction site camera is to monitor large construction projects that may take an ample time to complete.  Nothing impresses construction company clients more than to say, “You can view the progress live on your computer if you like.”

So, have we answered the question, “Why would anyone want to use a construction site camera” yet?  As you can see there are a lot of applications for a surveillance camera in the construction industry.

Now the next question comes to mind, “What kind of camera is it?”  Not so much is the question “What kind is it?” but more like “What kind do I need?”  There are three basic types of digital video camera to choose from, which one is the best r construction site camera is more of a personal issue; if you know a little about the cameras than you can determine which camera is right for you.

There are basically 3 types of cameras based on shape; anyone of the three could be used as a construction site camera.  Box security cameras are very popular because the are vary versatile.  For a box type camera you must purchase the lens separately but this is actually beneficial, allowing you to change the camera to fit each different construction site’s requirements.  You will also need to purchase an outdoor housing for these cameras are made for indoors (unless they have a housing).  Box cameras are placed inside the mounting and the mounting is attached to a secure, solid surface.

Bullet security cameras make excellent construction site cameras.  Most bullet cameras are designed to be indoor/outdoor cameras so there is no need to purchase an extra housing.  Also, most bullet cameras have pre-installed arrays of InfraRed Light Emitting Diodes or IR LEDs which illuminate the camera’s field of vision even in total darkness.

What’s even better is that the human eye cannot see this type of infrared light but the camera sure can.  However, also be aware that infrared mode video images will be in either black and white or monochromatic.  But the high detail video image that you saw under daytime lighting conditions will not be downgraded at all.  This infrared technology is especially helpful at large construction sites (such as those building large and tall buildings, very open areas, and areas that may not be that easy to get at).

The third type of camera is the dome camera.  A system of dome cameras could make very useful construction cameras.  The can be mounted just about anywhere and can come with additional features like infrared technology, Pan-Tilt-Zoom movement and even object tracking and following.  The best type of dome camera to consider for this case is a vandal resistant camera.  They’re the best suited dome camera for this purpose not only because of their tough, rugged design but because they too can take excellent video shots.

Do a rough design sketch of how you think you would like your garden  This will provide you with the information you need as far as how many cameras will be needed and what kind to get.  Call our security experts if you need any additional help.



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