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It’s almost impossible to believe that a retailer, especially one with a large store, doesn’t have store surveillance cameras.  No matter what type of business, store surveillance cameras can help you maintain loss prevention while at the same time preventing the need for an elaborate and possibly costly security department.

If designed and used properly, store surveillance cameras, or rather a store surveillance system can provide more that just loss prevention; in addition to protecting the stores assets, it can help protect store employees and provide documentation for the store in the event of a potentially costly insurance claim (like slips, trips, and falls).

Obviously, there are several benefits in having a good store surveillance camera system.  Let’s take a look at some of these benefits.

One of the biggest advantages is merchandise loss prevention.  Store surveillance cameras not only help prevent loss but can be a big factor in documenting and establishing proof of a potential shoplifting theft.  Most shoplifters will obviously deny the fact that they were stealing merchandise.  But, when a digital video security and surveillance system has the entire episode recorded this documentation can prove invaluable both to police and in court.

However, just the presence of store surveillance cameras can reduce the incidences of crime, especially shoplifting.   If the retail facility is quite large in square footage, fake cameras can be used to extend the coverage the “real” store surveillance cameras provide.

Another advantage of store surveillance cameras is that they not only help manage loss prevention, but when the store is closed the system keeps on working to protect it from after hours vandalism and theft.  Cameras can be monitored twenty four hours a day either on site inside the building or remotely at just about any location including professional monitoring security stations.  For example, should someone attempt a break-in while the store is closed a professional monitoring company can call the local authorities and the police could arrive before the burglars can get there hands on any merchandise.

Speaking of theft, not only can store surveillance cameras help prevent store theft from customers, but it can also prevent theft from employees.  Employee theft is something mot managers hate to think about but the fact of the matter is it still occurs.  If inventory checks don’t match up with register receipt data there’s a good chance the theft is originating from within the company.  A well designed system will be able to document this and provide evidence to the fact.

The retail business, like many other businesses, must be vigilant when it comes to marketing. Commercials, sales, and special events are all good marketing tools, but the layout of the store also has a big impact on sales.   A digital video security system can even provide help in determining how to set-up the store.  After watching several hours of recorded video, store managers can get a “feel” for what items should be placed near the cash registers for example.

Another benefit of using store surveillance cameras is in monitoring employee/customer relationships.  Customer service is an important an integral part of retail marketing and one employee has the potential for destroying thousands of dollars of potential sales if customer service standards are not followed.

Finally, thanks to today’s modern technology, the monitoring station doesn’t even need to be anywhere near the store.  Better yet, if there is more than one store, they can all be monitored in one place at the same time taking advantage of IP (Internet Protocol) ready cameras and Digital Video Recorders or DVRs.  (Actually when systems use the Internet to network together, the DVR is called a Network Video Recorder or NVR.)

To take this one step further, any manager or owner can “tap in” to the store’s cameras using a smartphone from anywhere in the world they have 3G or 4G mobile service.   That means that while the store may be located in Texas, if the manager has a meeting in Oregon, he/she can see each camera and in most cases even control the camera (Pan-Tilt-Zoom or PTZ cameras for example) with their smartphone.

If you are interested in a store surveillance camera system for your store, please contact us today and one of our security experts will be glad to help you determine what you need with a needs analysis and will also assist you in designing your own system. They are extremely friendly and helpful and are here to help you.


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