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Factors That Influence a Video Surveillance System

A video surveillance system is an important investment for the peace of mind and safety of your family. Changing times and new technology now mean that a comprehensive security system is more than just burglar alarms and window sensors.

Originally, security camera systems for residences were designed to alert you when someone tries to break into the house. They were also used for detecting the presence of smoke or fire. 

New advancements and technology in the surveillance industry have allowed consumers to utilize their video surveillance system in more ways than ever before. Many families all over the country now choose a security camera system for a vast number of reasons beyond detecting an intruder.

Now, surveillance systems are used for things including:

  • Perimeter alarms and sensors for yards
  • Sitter and baby monitoring security cameras
  • Motion sensors and glass break detectors. 
  • Video surveillance cameras to monitor yards and perimeter security

Video Surveillance System with New Advancements

A modern video surveillance system uses multiple pieces of technology to enhance the effectiveness of home security. Families no longer have to rely on a reactive security plan but instead can take full advantage of a proactive security solution.

Users can monitor video feeds from any internet enabled device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Software like video analytics and facial recognition are now available to homeowners for the first time. 

Despite the advanced technology present in modern security cameras, they have never been more affordable or accessible to homeowners. The best way to determine what security products would be best for your home it is important to consult a security specialist.

A security expert is a professional that can identify possible security threats and vulnerabilities in your home. Every home is different, and their security needs will also be different. 

Below are some of the considerations you should make when determining what kind of video surveillance system works best for you. No matter what the size of your house or your budget, there are products that can enhance security and provide safety to everyone in the household. 

Fire Alarm and Burglar Security System

Some of the basic components of any video surveillance system are the sensors or switches installed on windows and doors. When someone attempts to break into the house through a window or door, the sensors immediately detect the attempt and alert you immediately.

A loud alarm will begin to sound that will scare away any would-be intruders.  Another of these basic components include smoke and fire alarms. The presence of smoke and fire alarms in a home is vitally important to the safety of everyone inside.

In the event that smoke or fire is detected, an alarm sounds to alert you and your family. These detectors and alarms are extremely important for alerting everyone in your home when they are asleep and most vulnerable. 

Burglaries and fires can be a major threat for any home while the occupants are asleep. By installing burglar and fire alarms, you and your family can sleep easy at night knowing that all doors and windows are shut and being monitored by advanced sensors. 

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Considering a Remote Video Monitoring Service

One important feature of a modern video surveillance system is remote accessibility. The video feeds captured by security cameras can be sent through a network to a DVR or an internet enabled device.

Authorized users can easily access their security camera video feeds from devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. This feature is utilized best through remote video monitoring services. 

Remote security guards now exist that can monitor the video feeds of a property twenty-four hours a day. Security experts use advanced software and years of experience to ensure your home is always safe and secure.

If suspicious activity is noticed, the security expert can quickly determine the situation and act accordingly. They can alert you and then contact local law enforcement. 

Many security guard agencies now use remote video monitoring services and more homeowners are turning to these professionals. Surprisingly, a remote video monitoring service is affordable and cheaper than other security plans. 

Installing Exterior Video Surveillance Cameras

A video surveillance system can include security cameras that are placed outside in key locations. Whether you want to keep an eye on the kids as they play in the yard or be alerted when someone passes your property line, security cameras can help.

Exterior cameras can be placed outside of a garage, storage shed, and backdoor entrances. Exterior security cameras can provide more than just security.

For example, a security camera can be placed facing the front door of your home. When someone arrives at your front door you can easily identify who is at the door.

You can even open the front door remotely and let them in. Controlling door access also extends into the inside of your home. 

Access Control and Intercom System

Adopting a video surveillance system inside your home offers a number of great benefits related to safety, security, and even convenience. If you employ caretakers or home cleaning services then buying security cameras for sale can help to keep you notified of everything they do in your home.

You can easily check on the progress of workers, check in on how babysitters are doing, or confirm your kids made it home safe from school.  Access control extends to the interior of your home. Door locks can be locked or unlocked by authorized users.

This is great for keeping kids and workers out of any rooms you may not want them in. Sensors can also be placed that detect when a door is opened. Whether you are away from home or busy at work, security cameras can keep your home safe and secure.

Convenience is another great benefit of using a video surveillance system for your home.  A two-way voice intercom system can be installed throughout your home.

This is a great and easy way to quickly communicate with family members in different parts of the home without screaming or yelling. If an emergency occurs, you can quickly alert your family immediately. 

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