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How to Use the iPad as a Security System

How to Use the iPad as a Security SystemIf you are considering installing a security system in your home, you might be holding back because you think you will have to purchase a lot of new and expensive equipment. Although there are certainly a lot of great security-related equipment options out there that you can take a look at and consider using in your home, you might have some of the equipment that you need in order to set up a good security system right now. For instance, if you have an Apple iPad, you can use it as a major component of your security system. Not only will this help you minimize your out-of-pocket expenses since you won’t have to purchase a digital video recorder or another device that will allow you to stream your surveillance footage, but it can also allow you to enjoy some of the newest and greatest technology on the market today.

Setting up an iPad as a part of your security system is a lot easier than you might think, and you should be able to complete the steps all on your own. However, following these steps will help ensure that you don’t run into any problems while setting up and using your iPad as a major component of your surveillance camera and security system.

Understand the Need for Home Security Systems

Before you can truly reap the benefits of using an iPad and a security system in your home, you have to understand the importance of home security. A lot of people know that they can use their devices in order to set up home security systems, but many of these individuals do not truly realize how important home security is. However, you have to know that keeping your home, as well as the people and things inside of it, safe and secure is one of your top priorities and responsibilities. This can be a major task to tackle on your own, but a security system that is synced with your iPad can help make it much easier.

The truth is that theft, robbery, vandalism and other serious crimes can occur anywhere. Even if you think you live in a nice and safe neighborhood, you should know that there could be criminals on the prowl in your midst. By installing surveillance cameras, you can help deter these individuals from committing crimes. Even if they are brave enough to still commit these crimes, you will have solid evidence that is streamed to your iPad; this can help law enforcement officials take care of the problem right away, and it can also help you and your local justice system seek justice for these crimes.

You can also install motion sensors that work along with your iPad. Along with capturing strong video evidence of what is going on in and around your property, you can also be notified when one of your sensors go off, such as when someone opens a door to your home. This can help you address a potentially bad situation quickly.

Understand Why the iPad is Right for the Job

Most traditional security systems and surveillance camera systems do not utilize iPads, and you might wonder why you would consider using an iPad for your system. Luckily, however, there are plenty of great reasons to consider using your iPad for this purpose.

First of all, using your iPad instead of purchasing a pricey digital video recorder can help you save money. Although you will have to spring for cameras, an app to run on your iPad and other equipment, you are sure to save a good bit of cash by using your existing iPad instead of purchasing additional equipment.

There are also reasons why using an iPad is better than using a regular digital video recorder. With a digital video recorder, you often have to be in the home in order to watch your surveillance footage. If you use your iPad for this purpose, however, you can watch what is going on in and around your property from anywhere. This means that you can check on your home when you are at work, at a friend’s house or even on vacation; as long as you have a wireless Internet connection that you can log onto, you will have no problem checking out the footage from your home. This can provide you with peace of mind, and it can also make it easier for you to stop crimes from happening if you catch them in the process.

You are also sure to enjoy using your iPad as a component of your security system as well. Although you might use your iPad for surfing the Web or getting work done, you can now use it to protect your home as well. This allows you to enjoy some of the top benefits of today’s newest technology.

How to Use the iPad as a Security SystemPurchase Surveillance Cameras

Purchasing Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

One of your top security priorities will probably be to install outdoor surveillance cameras around your home. With outdoor surveillance cameras, you can catch someone before they ever enter your home, and you can also watch out for vandalism and the theft of items that are left outdoors.

When purchasing outdoor surveillance cameras, make sure that you purchase cameras that can withstand the job. This means that you will want to look for cameras that aren’t sensitive to water and the elements. If you can’t find these types of cameras for a reasonable price, you can also take a look at protective casings that are designed to keep cameras safe when they are used outdoors.

Purchasing Indoor Surveillance Cameras

Although you might not opt to install surveillance cameras inside your home, it is certainly something that you should consider. Installing cameras in the common areas of your home, or at least at the entrances to your house, can give you peace of mind. You can even use hidden cameras if you want to: They are perfect for keeping an eye on babysitters and others who might be working in your home.

Finding Cameras That Will Work With Your iPad

Since you will be using your cameras with your iPad, you want to make sure that all of your components are compatible. Therefore, you might want to look for cameras that are specifically designed for use with the iPad. Some cameras that are designed to stream their footage to computers can also work with the iPad, but you might want to ask a security professional before making any major purchases.

How to Use the iPad as a Security SystemPurchasing Motion Detectors

Although surveillance cameras can provide you with a whole new level of security, you might not want to depend on them on their own. When you use your iPad as a means of protecting your home, you can also use motion detectors that will actually notify you when someone opens a door to your home or triggers another motion detector.

When purchasing motion detectors, look for the ones that work with various iPad apps. In fact, you might want to decide on the app that you will be using before you make this purchase because not all motion detectors work well with this technology. You shouldn’t worry, however, because there are plenty of affordable options on the market that are sure to work for this purpose.

You will also want to determine how many motion detectors you want to install. The number will vary based on the size of your home and the areas that you want to protect, but you should definitely at least count on installing enough motion detectors to monitor the entrances to your home and the entrances to any sheds or garages that might have valuable items inside.

Finding an App for Your iPad

In order to use your iPad in order to monitor your surveillance cameras and receive alerts when someone opens one of your doors or sets off another one of your motion detectors, you will need to find a home security app for your device. Fortunately, these apps are typically very affordable and user-friendly.

Since there are multiple home security apps out there for you to look at, you will need to look for the best one of for your needs. If you already have cameras, look for an app that will work with the surveillance cameras that you have already purchased. You will also want to keep your motion detectors in mind.

Also, look for features that you think can be helpful for you, and try the interface out to make sure that it is easy to install and use; otherwise, you could end up with a confusing application that leaves your mind boggled instead of making you aware of what is going on inside and around your home.

Installing Your System

Once you have all of the components that you need in order to set up your system, all you need to do is hook everything up so that it works correctly. Although it isn’t difficult to set up security cameras and to rig up your iPad so that it can stream your video footage, you should take the extra time to make sure that everything works correctly. Then, you won’t have to worry about your system failing you when you need it the most.

Hanging Surveillance Cameras

Where and how you install your surveillance cameras can have a major impact on how well your system works. Make sure that you hang your surveillance cameras near the areas that you truly want to keep under surveillance, such as the doors to your home and near your garage or other area where you might keep your vehicles and valuable tools. Also, make sure that they are installed in such a way that they will be difficult to be tampered with; for instance, you will probably want to hang them up high so that a thief or other criminal can’t easily take it down, destroying the evidence that he or she has ever been there.

Installing Motion Detectors

After installing your surveillance cameras, it will be time to put in your motion detectors. It is also important for you to determine the most important places for these cameras, so make sure you put some thought into an areas where a criminal might be able to access your home.

Setting Up Your iPad for Security-Related Use

Once you have all of your equipment installed, it will be time to get your iPad ready for security-related use. If you haven’t already installed the application that you will be using, you need to get it installed. If you have any problems with it, make sure that you contact the manufacturer so that you can get these problems resolved.

Next, stream your surveillance camera footage onto your iPad. There should be easy steps for you to follow if you read the information that goes along with your app, and it might be even easier if you purchased cameras that were designed for iPad use. Any camera that streams via wireless Internet should work, however. In order for your cameras to work, you will need to be able to access the Internet from your iPad.

After you are able to pull up everything on your iPad, you will need to tweak all of your equipment in order to ensure that it is all working correctly. For instance, you will want to take a look at your surveillance camera footage in order to ensure that you can see what you want to see and that your picture is clear, and you should also try activating your motion sensors to make sure that your iPad alerts you as it is supposed to. With a bit of tweaking, such as moving your cameras around in order to get a better view, you should be able to rely on your iPad’s security system to keep you, your home, your family and your belongings safe and secure. Contact us today to learn more about how you can use your iPad for security purposes.

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