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License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras

Hey Everyone, Joe Here- and today SCK is excited to show off our Brand New License Plate Recognition Cameras! LPR is different than Licence Plate Detection because recognition can actually see the plate # and compare it to an AI NMVR database with ANPR! Keep reading and check out the Demo Video below to learn more!

Having License Plate Recognition Cameras installed on site is an excellent way to manage vehicle traffic and parking at any given location. In the past, however, setting these kinds of cameras up has been time-consuming and difficult.  Now- with our brand new AI-powered License Plate Recognition series IP cameras, no longer is set up a tedious endeavor! These advanced cameras feature a guided setup wizard that makes the initial configuration process a breeze. After mounting and making the proper manual adjustments The guided setup will have your camera running and successfully able to capture and log plates in no time! 

Setup isn’t the only thing about these IPLP cameras that’s easier. With an onboard database via SD card, these cameras are able to quickly search back through results so you can review shots at any time. We also carry a select series of AI NVRs capable of working together with our License Plate Cameras! Either in addition to or in lieu of the cameras onboard storage and database, the NVR can log and store the snapshots and data of license plate numbers taken by an LP camera.   This database can then be searched by the user for quick, easy access to these shots and info. Additionally, the AI NVrs can sort this information based on vehicle make and color in order to assist with database inquiry

Another important feature of these cameras is the Alarm out relays. The camera can create a Whitelist/blacklist of known license plates.   Tying these lists to the alarm triggers and tying the alarm outs to a gate control relay will allow the camera to behave as an access control device.  Plates on the whitelist would allow the gate to open, while plates on the blacklist would deny entry. This opens up new opportunities for community or employee access management.

As mentioned earlier, we carry two models of the License Plate Recognition Cameras series currently:



 They can both use 12vDC, Power over Ethernet, or 24v AC, Which gives you more freedom during installation. Additionally, rest assured that both are IP67 weather-resistant for outdoor mounting.
Though both feature the Same AI features and general operation, there are some differences between them, let’s take a look.

Licence Plate Detection Feature Comparison Table:

Sensor Class: 1/1.8-in Sony GS-CMOS sensor 1/1.8-in Sony GS-CMOS sensor
Lens Focal Length Range: 3.2 – 10.5mm  10 – 50mm
Max Vehicle Speed: 25 MPH 49 MPH
Recommended Speed Range: 10 – 15 MPH 10 – 25 mph
Audio Input: No Audio Input External Audio input
IR Distance: 82 Feet 39 Feet
SD Card Support:
  • Both cameras use the same Hi-Tech Sony Gs CMOS Sensor designed for the purpose of license plate capture.
  • However, as you can see, the zoom length of the Z5X model is further but provides a narrower view up close than its Z3X counterpart. 
  • Take note of the Max speeds versus the recommended speed range. The Z5X has a more capable Max speed than the Z3X. However, it’s a good idea to use either of these cameras in areas where vehicles will be more predictably falling into their ‘recommended speed ranges. As before, the Z5x’s range has a bit more wiggle room.
  • The Z5X features audio input from an external microphone, while the Z3x does not feature audio input.
  • Lastly, the IR distance on the z5X is just over double that of the Z3X. Either one of these cameras would be a great choice based on your needs

Thanks for joining us today as we showed off our new AI-powered IP LP cameras. Please note that any LP tracking and review of shots need to be performed directly from the recorder using a local mouse and monitor. For any alternative solutions, questions on compatibility or availability please give our Sales Pros a call at 561 288 5258- and until net time- stay safe!

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