Black Friday 2021
CCTV Surveillance System

Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021

Security Camera King is happy to announce our Black Friday 2021 Sale! Our Incredible pricing is now lower with free shipping til 11/28/2021! Security Camera King is a top retailer of security hardware in the USA, and we know what technologies are needed in order for you to keep your location safe!  Our Amazing prices are now even lower for the holiday season! Currently, we are offering an additional 10% off plus free shipping on any size order for our customers! This applies to anything we are currently selling out of our amazing inventory of high-tech security products! Don’t forget to enter code BLACKFRIDAY21 at checkout, or simply call in to place an order with one of our sales pros! (561.288-5258) This sale is going on now, through 11/28/2021 at midnight!

We are the nation’s #1 source for retail Security Hardware. There are many facets to security, and as the holidays approach closer many of us are becoming more security conscious of our homes for a ton of good reasons! During this time of year we tend to make a lot of major purchases, purchases we would like to protect for people we would also like to protect! This can range from TVs to Computers, cellular phones, jewelry new clothes, you name it! Of course the people we get these gifts for is equally important, and so are the places we live and work while enjoying those gifts and the companies of those who matter most to us. Thats why it’s so important to ensure those people and properties are secure! In the spirit of the holiday and keeoping eahcother safe, SecurityCameraKing is offering an additional10% off all orders as well as free shipping on any sized order throughout our black Friday 2021 sale!

As you may or may not be aware, there are many technologies that can help you achieve security for yourself and your loved ones. We’re going to go over what we carry and how SCK can help, as well as what you can do in addition to this to maximize your security! A complete and total security picture is achieved only when using all of these various components in tandem, not just one or the other. All of these kinds of technologies working together, help create complete security for your location. So what types of technologies are out there? let’s take a look!

The first type of technology one should consider, and the one m, most commonly found it homes and offices today is of course CCTV. CCTV is short for closed-circuit television and is one of the most common forms of security hardware in the field. CCTV is the combination of cameras, and recording devices such as Digital video Recorders and/or Network Video Recorders (DVRs and NVRS). NVRs use IP-based or ‘network’ cameras while DVRs can utilize digital over COAX-based cameras. CCTV is important for several reasons. The first is the ability to have evidence to prove fault in accidents or criminal activity. The second is to monitor events live, so personnel like guards can then react in real-time to something that may occur. Though not its primary purpose, CCTV also tends to act as a deterrent. This is because those whose intention is to commit criminal acts are often swayed from doing so should they see a CCTV system installed. CCTV is both a proactive and reactive security solution.

CCTV Systems today come in two kinds, COAX or IP. These are powered respectively by DVRs (Digital Video recorders) or NVRs (Network Video Recorders). These connect either to COAX or IP cameras respectively and do the work of recording their incoming footage to a Hard disk to be accessed later. Always talk to a sales pro to learn more about which type of system is right for you!

Another extremely important type of security hardware is Access Control. This system allows you to completely control access to all the exit and entry points at a location. Access control encompasses devices installed on-site that control who can and cannot enter or exit through the various doorways, or gates at any given location. Using a combination of Maglocks, Door strikes, keypads, readers, and computer technology, the management of a facility can register employees and guests for access and control precisely who, when, how, and which access points can be used.

Any of these options are great when looking into purchasing Security for your home, and our Black Friday, 2021 sale is the best time to take advantage! 561-288-1541

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