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The Best CCTV Features with SCK

The Best CCTV Features with SCK
What are the best CCTV features available right now? Check out some of the awesome technologies now working on our CCTV Hardware!

The Best CCTV Features  – LP Capture

One of the most useful features available right now and one of the newest is Licence Plate capture and recognition cameras. There are quite a few things that make these particular cameras so special. For one, they are extremely good at identifying license plates on moving vehicles, especially at medium to low speeds in the range of 10-25 mph. This is often the speed range found on vehicles moving within parking lots and garages, where such a camera might be placed.

Additionally, unlike regular License plate cameras which are simply better at getting this visual, these cameras actually can see, display, and log the plate numbers off of the vehicles it captures. This can be used for a number of features such as database reference, or even access control gates. What’s more, is that setting them up is a breeze! Unlike other cameras which can not capture or record the plates they are viewing, these cameras come with a guided setup wizard that’ll have your camera set up and working in no time. These LP cams can be used with our newest AI NVRs as well as ANPR to record this data. This gives you the freedom and ability to log the license plate capture data directly to an SD card on the camera, and/or to an NVR as well. 

The Best CCTV Features -Facial Capture and Recognition

On the subject of capture and recognition, we also are happy to showcase our AI-powered facial capture cameras and facial recognition NVRs. working together these systems can capture face data and log ID for those who enter and exit. This can be set to display messages, trigger white, and blacklists, log features, and even track movement on a camera-by-camera basis based on where a particular tracked face has been tagged.

These cameras and NVRs can also log data on specific features such as facial hair, hats glasses, and more. 

The Best CCTV Features – Human and Vehicle Detection

One of the core abilities of the new AI feature set available in our top-end NVRs and IP  cameras, and to a degree, our highest-end DVRs is Human and vehicle detection. Thi AI-powered feature helps these camera systems identify objects in a given scene and tag them as ‘human’ or ‘vehicle’. Used alone this is good for identifying information to refer to in the live view or later on. However, it powers some of our other AI features like the ones listed below:

The Best CCTV Features -SMD

SMD is smart motion detection. While DVRs don’t have as many AI-capable features as their NVR counterparts, one AIU feature they do have is SMD. SMD uses the human/vehicle detection feature’s capability in tandem with normal motion detection. This allows the user to set SMD to eliminate/ignore or pay special attention to people or vehicles. This can greatly reduce false alerts, and provide much easier searching.

The Best CCTV Features – AI IVS

Much like SMD, AI IVS uses the human and vehicle detection feature to enhance an already amazing tool. IVs rules such as tripwire and intrusion can be set to ignore people or vehicles. The IVs feature was already very good at reducing false alerts, with AI enhancement, you’ll virtually never be bothered by this kind of issue!

The Best CCTV Features – Remote Viewing

Though it has been around for some time, remote viewing is easily one of the best and most important CCTV features available on our recorders. remote viewing is Now made better than ever with our in-house smartphone application Elite Viewer pro, and PC software Smart PSS. You can see your camera footage live, make adjustments, and even review footage no matter how far away you are. Using the embedded P2P feature in our recorders, setting up remote viewing is a breeze nowadays. Additionally, the application supports notifications so you’ll always know when there is an event that needs your attention. You can even listen in on any cameras with microphones, and talk through any 2-way audio device right from the app!

The Best CCTV Features – Lifetime Support

Security Camera King offers one of the best warranties in the business, but even after your warranty runs out we will still offer technical support for troubleshooting purposes. We do this for the life of the product. If you ever have trouble with one of our cameras or recorders, just give us a call or chat in!

Thanks for joining us today as we showcased some of the best CCTV features found at SCK. For any questions on product compatibility, availability or any other information don’t hesitate to give our Sales Pro’s a call at 561-288-5258 . Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more Tutorials and CCTV info. Until Next time, Stay Safe!

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