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Street CCTV camerasOne of the best methods for being able to maintain your home’s security and safety involve the use of an outdoor security camera. It may be enough to deter a crime from happening in your home just by having a security system in place. There is not thief that wants to be caught on video tape during the middle of the crime, so they will choose to avoid any place that is going to be able to record their actions. They will tend to flock toward a home that is not protected and they can easily get in and out of the home without having to worry about being detected. Outdoor wireless security cameras will provide you with the most inexpensive way to be able to protect your home against any potential crime or vandalism from occurring.

Who Needs a Security Camera?


A lot of people are under the impression that they do not need a camera because there home is not big enough to attract the likes of a thief. However, any residence that looks like it is not protected with a security system is a prime target for a thief. The economy is at an all time low, so crime has been on the rise in a lot of the areas around the U.S. and it can affect anyone with any income level. As much as 74 percent of Americans are going to become the victim of a crime at some point in time or another. A lot of homeowners are going to benefit from the added protection that a home security system is going to bring to their home. The camera will operate around the clock, so you will always have the protection that you are looking for.

Business Property Owners

Anyone who purchases investment properties as a way to increase income from their rental will find that an outdoor security system will be extremely beneficial to them and the security of their property. If the tenant feels protected and safe, they are going to be open to paying a higher rental amount to help cover the extra cost associated with the security camera. Surveillance systems are also going to protect your business and home from any potential vandalism or graffiti. If the property is located within a small industrial zone, it may also be at an increased risk for a potential target to steal any valuable inventory or electronic equipment within the building.

Types of Security Cameras

The traditional type of security cameras are the most popular option on the market today, as well as one of the most affordable for consumers. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a fixed or a wired outdoor camera because there is something for everyone to choose from.

Bullet Style

This particular type of camera is characterized by its sleek appearance. They are mounted to an outdoor surface and easily visible to the intruder. Price ranges can vary from $50 to $100 for one of the cameras that has a night vision capability. If you are looking for a camera with day and night vision, those can range from $150 to $350, depending on the resolution and picture quality that you desire, as well as how long of a range you are looking for.

Dome Style

This type of camera is perfect for indoor or outdoor use since it is pretty compact in size. Its small profile makes it easy to conceal and a great choice for any application that will require a hidden security camera. The dome style of this camera will range from very inexpensive up to the top of the line brands that are more capable of higher resolution and range of motion. There are generally anti-vandalism features installed within these particular cameras. The smallest dome cameras will typically start out at around $100 and go up to more than $800, depending on the amount of scan lines.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are the latest in technology on the market for surveillance systems. The wireless CCTV camera can be mounted to any outdoor location as long as it receives a radio signal. The image is then transmitted to a digital video recorder, computer or radio receiver for later viewing capabilities. One of the advantages to this particular type of camera is that you will have the convenience of moving the camera to another cctv security cameralocation with ease. The majority of the units are going to have the signal capabilities to be able to transmit the images to any computer within an almost unlimited amount of distance. There are a few of the security cameras that are going to interfere with some of the other devices, such as cordless phones or wireless Internet routers. The prices for a wireless camera can range from $100 to $800 depending on the size, scanning range and the monitoring capabilities that the camera has to offer.

Features to Look For in a Security Camera

Video Quality and Resolution

The higher end security cameras are going to provide you with a much better picture quality. If the camera needs to be able to focus in on specific details, such as facial features, then you may want to consider a higher resolution camera. If you purchase a lower end model of camera, you may experience some graininess. There are some of the outdoor home security cameras that will be able to compensate for the lighting interference. The middle range cameras will include reproduction features in color, while other styles are only going to produce a black and white image. The cameras that are going to produce an adequate amount of imaging are the ones in the 480 – 520 TVL range.

Range of Distance

If you are using multiple security cameras, you may not need ones that have an extended range of distance viewing. The single models that have the progressive scan features are going to add on to the cost of the camera, but they are going to allow for a larger viewing range. There are several security camera companies that can offer you a dynamic range of motion and zoom capabilities that can easily be adjusted.

Transmitter Frequency or Power Consumption

The lower the level of frequency that you are using, the higher the amount of penetration you are going to get in the transmission quality. For example, the 5.8 GHz model is going to provide you with a longer distance of viewing, but it may become obstructed from any exterior objects or walls. The newer models have been designed to reduce the amount of power that is consumed.

Infrared Technology or Day Vision

cctv security camera Some of the models that are capable of capturing scenes at night are also going to feature infrared capabilities. There are a few styles that can offer you around the clock protection that is suitable for both day and nighttime surveillance.

Motion Sensor Features

One of the most cost effective ways to be able to protect and monitor an area is to have the camera only record when there is motion that has been detected. There are a few of the video cameras that come equipped with a motion sensor device that are similar to that of light fixtures.

Exterior Features

If you are installing an outdoor surveillance camera, it needs to be able to hold up against anything that the weather may throw at it. You may also want to make sure there are anti-vandalism features installed on the camera, so that way you are protected from having to worry about replacing the unit.

Benefits of Installing a Security Camera

There are a wide variety of benefits that are going to come from the installation of a security camera.

– One of the biggest benefits in a security system is that you will have the peace of mind in knowing that your home or business is covered by around the clock monitoring.
– When you create a deterrent for any potential thieves, you are preventing the potential for any loss of property and potential unnecessary expenses.
– The majority of homeowners and rental insurance companies are going to offer you a discount when you choose to install an active security system within your home or property, along with a standard monitoring device.
– There are plenty of gang related incidents and forms of vandalism that can occur, but with your security system in place you will prevent the potential for any crime or bodily harm from taking place.
– If an incident does happen, you will be able to rest assured that justice will be brought to the criminals and prevent any future incidents from taking place.

According to the most recent crime statistics, there is a burglary that takes place on average every 15 seconds within the United States. This trend has continued on the rise due to the downfall of the economy. The total amount of money that you are going to spend on the installation and purchase of a security system will end up saving you hundreds in long run.

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