May 17, 2012

Outdoor CCTV Cameras

One of the best methods for being able to maintain your home’s security and safety involve the use of an outdoor security camera. It may be enough to deter a crime from happening in your home just by having a security system in place. There is not thief that wants to be caught on video […]
November 17, 2011

16 Channel Digital Video Recorder

Like any other Digital Video Reorder (DVR), a 16 channel digital video recorder uses a computer hard drive to compress and store video images using various compression techniques. (Incidentally, "16 channel" means the DVR can work with up to 16 cameras simultaneously.)
October 11, 2010

640 x 480 Infrared Camera

What exactly is a 640 x 480 infrared camera? This can be a complicated answer for many reasons. In the following article we will attempt to address some of the characteristics that can make this seemingly simple question so complicated. Specifically, we will briefly discuss infrared technology and the reference to display resolution and how they relate to a 640 x 480 infrared camera.