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Picking The Best Camera Security Surveillance System

The right camera security surveillance system will depend strongly on the situation. Every home, business, and property is different and has different security needs that need to be considered.

Determining what a property needs will help you choose the best security camera system. Consumers can choose from countless features and functions that can create a truly proactive security solution.

Even the most affordable modern security cameras use powerful technology including high-resolution video quality and night vision. Vendors typically sell general purpose cameras with most packaged security surveillance systems they sell.

Many of online security camera stores will allow their customers to replace the general purpose security cameras with specialized models if the need be. The following article will highlight what questions you should ask to determine what security camera models your property will need.

Answering these questions will give you a better understanding of your business or home’s security requirements. If you wish to learn more or contact a security camera expert then feel free to visit Security Camera King today.

Wired Or Wireless Security Camera Surveillance System?

Although wireless security cameras do provide consumers with unique advantages, they also have a number of limitations. Wireless security cameras require a power source, such as a nearby outlet.

The wireless technology used allows the security cameras to transmit their video feed signal to a monitor or DVR. Although some of these security cameras are able to run on batteries, they require them to be replaced frequently.

The nature of the wireless technology makes interference a serious challenge with wireless security cameras. The interference can drastically reduce the video quality and their overall effectiveness.

Despite the limitations, a wireless camera security surveillance system is still appropriate in certain settings. A wired system can supply both video and power through a wire known as siamese cabling. The DVR or monitor can manage all the power requirements.

Colored Or Black & White?

Most modern security cameras produce a high resolution, colored image that makes identifying details much easier. There are however a number of advantages to using a black and white image.

Security cameras that will be operating only in low-light environments should use black and white imaging. Most colored security cameras will actually revert to black and white when low light is detected.

Typically, security cameras that only operate in black and white will be slightly cheaper than their colored imaging counterparts. This should be taken into account when determining what security cameras will best suit your property.

Is Night Vision Capability Needed?

Security cameras that will be monitoring a property at night when there is little light will need to be equipped with night vision capability. The range of the night vision is sometimes measured with the number of LED lights on the security camera.

A general purpose camera security surveillance system operates with fifteen to thirty LED lights. This translates to a night vision range of approximately fifteen and fifty feet, sometimes much more.

By contrast, a high powered night vision security camera, such as Starlight surveillance cameras, will have a range of one-hundred and fifty feet.

Best in Class IP Cameras

What Are The Different Image Quality Requirements?

One of the most important factors in choosing a camera security surveillance system is the necessary image quality requirements. Different locations that will be monitored will have different image quality requirements that need to be considered.

One example, for instance, is if you need license plate capture cameras to capture a license plate number in a parking lot. Other cameras may only need to identify who is at the door.

In most cases, image quality can be determined based on the number of TV Lines (TVL) per inch. Most general purpose security cameras will have anywhere from 400 to 420 TVLs.

By comparison, a security camera with a higher resolution will typically have TVLs of 480 to 520 TVLs. It is important to keep in mind that most IP network security cameras usually produce a much higher video resolution than older analog CCTV cameras.

Another important factor to remember is that the required range will also affect the image quality requirements. As a rule of thumb, the further away the security camera will be the higher resolution it requires.

What Will The Security Cameras Be Exposed To?

A camera security surveillance system that will be used outside will typically require some kind of weatherproofing. Most general purpose security cameras can be used outdoors under “normal” weather conditions.

If the security camera will be exposed to heavy rain or wind, then it is a good idea to upgrade the security cameras’ housing and mounting brackets. This will ensure that powerful weather will not damage the security camera.

Although it is recommended that security cameras be mounted just outside arms reach, in some circumstances it is important to use reinforced housing and mounting brackets to protect against vandalism.

It is generally recommended that most security cameras that will be operating outside should be reinforced. In many circumstances, vandal dome security cameras are the best option.

What Is The Layout Of The Property?

Understanding the layout of your business, home, or other property is an important determining factor in choosing security cameras. A home, for example, may only need to monitor a few key angles.

By contrast, a parking lot will require security cameras with a high degree of range, that can operate in heavy weather, and produce a clear image quality. A retail business may need to place security cameras in the employee-only areas or above cash registers.

Every property is different and the needs will be specific depending on the particular setting. Walking through a property can help you better determine what kind of security camera models you will need to purchase.

It is also important to consider if the environment will slowly change, such as in a construction site.

Assistance Determining Camera Security Surveillance

Property owners can make their own determinations about what their property may or may not need in terms of security cameras. It is always very helpful to consult the experience and expertise of a security camera specialist.

A professional with an extensive knowledge of available security cameras can assist you in choosing the right camera security surveillance system for a property.

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Camera Security Surveillance System

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