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Security Camera Types
Security camera King knows it can be confusing looking at all the security camera types available out there; we’re here to help clear it up!

There are many Security Camera types, and the best choice for most people is going to depend on if they have existing equipment, installations, wiring, and what their goals are. These cameras are typically designed to be used as a security camera. They often come with recording features as well as night vision and auto-depth features. Other popular types of CCTV cameras include flood lights, outdoor CCTV cameras, and even doorbells. These cameras are often budget-friendly, so if you’re looking for a cheap CCTV camera that still has many of the features of a more expensive model, these are a great option.

There are many benefits to installing  CCTV cameras. These cameras are often equipped with night vision, auto-IR, and other features that make them a great option for both home and business users alike. For example, you may want to keep an eye on your child when they are out of school. A home video cctv camera could help you keep tabs on them while they are on their way to and from school.  Final Words There are many benefits to having a CCTV camera in your home. They can help you stay informed and protect your family and property from unwanted visitors. Whether you want to stay in charge of your home from afar or want to keep an eye on your family from a distance, a cctv camera is the perfect solution.

‍CCTV cameras have been around for a while now, and their benefits aren’t stopping anytime soon. CCTV and security cameras are an excellent way to keep tabs on your property from afar without having to get up and walk around. Many are also equipped with GPS that allows you to view footage anywhere in the world using your smartphone or computer. CCTV cameras have a lot of benefits that make them such a great option for both home and business users alike. How do you know if you should install a CCTGV camera in your home? CCTV is such an integral part of running any business.

CCTV cameras are divided into two main security camera types. These are COAX, and IP Cameras.

The first type are COAX cameras. These Cameras connect to a central recorder called a DVR and utilize digital signals over an analog cable known as a coaxial cable, or coax cable  for short. These cameras have  been around much longer and are now coming into their town with quality HD signals. For example 4k, 4MP and 1080p. Contrary to popular  beleif, COAX camera systems and DVRs are able to be access  front he internet just like IP camera. Speaking of IP cameras, that’s the second of our Security Camera types.

IP cameras are a type of CCTV camera which  send their data by being connected to a network that allow you to view and record video. Our cameras are usually utilized with an NVR, or network video recorder, to handle the recordings. Our systems are also equipped with an app that you can use to view and record the footage. These cameras are usually connected to a network (either your home’s network or a larger business network) rather than a local area network (LAN) like your computer or smartphone. This means that the cameras record video and store it in the cloud. This can be a good or a bad thing depending on your goals. With no way to view the footage outside of the internet, there are no added benefits to having a camera that only records video.

The process of setting up a CCTV camera in your home is similar to installing a other devices, but you should consider hiring an installer.  Here are the main points: Make sure you have the right equipment – You’ll need a camera that is capable of capturing footage in both day and night, as well as in different weather conditions. Set up the camera – Once you’ve determined what type of camera you plan to use, you’ll need to determine which wall adaptor you need to use to connect the camera to your computer or network.-Security Camera King’s eleite line of CCTV camera for both COAX and IP can suit any users needs depending on which option is best for their location. Our IP cameras are plug and play, and our COAX xysters are mroe straightforward then ever, Don’t hesitate to call a sale spore today for help picking!


Thanks for joining us today as we showed you our Security Camera types! If you need help choosing, please call the number above or visit the live chat by clicking the icon at the lower right corner of the main page! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the video channel, and until next time- STAY SAFE!




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