How to apply 12VDC power to your NVR and get it operational on your local display

The first thing you need, after unboxing the unit of course, is hook the NVR up to your monitor via HDMI connection and apply 12VDC power to the NVR.

Inside the accessory box that is included with the NVR, you will find the proper 12VDC adapter. Plug this adapter into an outlet, and apply the DC plug to the recorder itself with the switch OFF (see image below). Then, simply flip the switch to the on position and you should begin to see lights operate on the front panel, you may even be able to hear fans running depending on the unit you have.

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Please take note of the following

After a 30 seconds or so you should start to see the splash screen display on your monitor/TV, this should indicate that the recorder is still completing its boot process. Not long after the splash screen comes up the recorder should boot completely and you will get a first look at your recorder.

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