August 17, 2015

Benefits of an NVR with a Built-in POE Switch

Many of our customers call us to ask why they cannot change the camera’s position when using a built-in POE NVR. The short answer to that is that it is not possible after the cameras are connected for the first time on the NVR. See, the NVR’s POE built-in switch is a separate entity. The […]
August 24, 2013

Cloud Surveillance: Video Recording Backup for IP Cameras

The sole function of any surveillance system is the ability to capture and retain footage of the events that take place. Imagine all the times there never existed an instance to justify or the need for footage confirmation. Then the day comes when an occurrence takes place and you retreat back to your DVR to retrieve and review the footage. Imagine how insulting the feeling is to discover it wasn’t there. Weather your storage space was inadequate, a hard drive failed or a smart crook covered his tracks and took your recording device; this realization is nothing short of grim.