January 18, 2016

Best Surveillance System Positioning For Public Establishments

In the wake of anarchy and terrorism in our schools, airports, and malls; there comes a time for revised safety measures. Security cameras serve as the most prominent and valuable safety measure. The awareness of cameras should be well established for all areas of activity throughout any establishment. In doing so, three things are accomplished.
August 30, 2013

The Best Power and Audio Cables Compatible with Your Security System

Behind ever great innovative system, there lie the methods of transmission. So your verdict is in. You know what you want for your surveillance system and what it comprises of, but there may be an important factor that comes into play. An important detail that hasn’t received as much research or discern as the other components:
August 30, 2013

Security Camera King’s Technical Experts Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Security Camera Set Up

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the heart to any standalone CCTV surveillance system. This is the device that your cameras are attached to and stores the visual data the cameras capture. Any recorder of quality will allow advance features such as:
August 24, 2013

Cloud Surveillance: Video Recording Backup for IP Cameras

The sole function of any surveillance system is the ability to capture and retain footage of the events that take place. Imagine all the times there never existed an instance to justify or the need for footage confirmation. Then the day comes when an occurrence takes place and you retreat back to your DVR to retrieve and review the footage. Imagine how insulting the feeling is to discover it wasn’t there. Weather your storage space was inadequate, a hard drive failed or a smart crook covered his tracks and took your recording device; this realization is nothing short of grim.
August 23, 2013

How To Configure IP Camera’s Digital Input/Output

A special characteristic some network video devices possess is an integrated input & output ports. This incorporation allows for the communication and interaction of external devices, such as but not limited to: