September 2, 2011

Bullet Security Camera

There are basically three types of digital video cameras: 1) The dome camera; 2) The box camera; and, the bullet security camera. In this article we are going to focus our attention on the bullet security camera.
May 2, 2011

IR Bullet Camera

When looking for versatility in a digital video security camera nothing may offer you more than an IR bullet camera (InfraRed bullet camera). Among the most popular types of cameras these days, the IR bullet camera usually comes packed with dozens of extra features, thanks to modern technology. In the following article, we'll take a look at digital video security cameras and how they work and especially how an IR bullet camera works.
April 27, 2011

Auto-Tracking Dome Camera

Have you tried an auto-tracking dome camera? Be careful if you do because once you get hooked on them, it is pretty difficult to keep you from getting more. These cameras represent some of the highest quality electronics available today.
March 25, 2011

OD-LX520IR50 Vandal Resistant Dome Camera

Security Camera King's (SCK's) OD-LX520IR50 Vandal Resistant Dome Camera is the featured camera for all of SCKs Ultimate series DVR complete package systems. Although this camera sells individually for only $74.95, it's a very high quality high definition camera that produces detailed video and comes packed with many useful features.