TOP 5 Reasons to go with Analog Coaxial Cameras
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TOP 5 Reasons to go with Analog Coaxial Cameras

Hey guys, Joe here and we’re bringing you another top-five list today. TOP 5 Reasons to go with Analog Coaxial Cameras.

We’re gonna be talking to you about coax cameras. If you do enjoy the video don’t forget to like and hit that subscribe. Without further ado here’s our top 5 reasons that we think you should choose coax cameras.

Number one – Cost they tend to be more cost effective. Coax cameras generally cost less than half as much as their IP counterparts of the same resolution. On larger installations these savings can add up.

Number two – Installations are made simpler since coax cameras have been around a lot longer than comparable IP solutions. Most existing installations are going to be coax. This means customers upgrading to new systems likely have video cabling and power lines that are already ran. This could further reduce costs by eliminating expense on cabling and the labor time needed in the installation.

Number three – Coax are now capable of up to 4k. Previously it used to be that if you wanted anything higher than 2 megapixels, IP was the only way to go. Coax cameras are now capable of delivering up to 4k otherwise known as 8 megapixel resolution.

Number 4 – Analog signals are not brand specific. Coax cameras can be used with virtually any DVR system. So long as the DVR supports the video signal type of the camera you’ll be able to install a camera from one brand on a DVR of a totally different brand. This is different than with IP cameras. IP cameras communicate using certain digital encryption methods. While many times they can work across different brands of NVR and camera they might still run into issues including limitations of features or in a worst case scenario no compatibility across brands at all.

Number 5 no network crowding unlike IP cameras which communicate digitally over the network coax cameras send an isolated video signal directly to the recorder this means you won’t be forced to crowd your existing network with extra data or be forced to build a second network to avoid that bandwidth clog well guys that’s it for our top 5 reasons we think you should choose coax cameras again if you did like the video don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe and until next time stay safe you
TOP 5 Reasons to go with Analog Coaxial Cameras
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