TOP 5 Reasons to go with IP Security Cameras; switch to IP cameras
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TOP 5 Reasons to go with IP Security Cameras

Hey guys, Joe here today! We’re coming at you live with our TOP 5 Reasons to go with IP Security Cameras.

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Number one – Single cable solution for high-powered IP PTZ’s will always require POE. Plus all IP cameras are capable of moving data and power over a single cat five or six cable. This is referred to as Power Over Ethernet or POE and this can make installation of new cameras much simpler as there doesn’t have to be multiple cable runs for each camera.

In the system this allows for many systems particularly smaller systems to be virtually plug-and-play when used with an NVR with onboard POE.

Number two – IP cameras can work with existing DVR systems. Most modern DVRs are hybrids and will be able to handle IP cameras added to an existing system. This makes it so you can take advantage of some of the great network features of IP without having to upend an entire coax DVR system.

You can also convert to NVR by referring to reason number one. Adding a single IP camera to an existing system can be a simple install.

Number three – IP cameras can be accessed and controlled individually via the network. This is offering access to camera specific features that may not be seen by the recorder. This also allows you a dynamic level of control that just isn’t possible with coax cameras.

Number four – When enabled data encryption means the video is not viewable by anyone who may be trying to maliciously access it. It cannot be hijacked as easily or as simply as an analog video signal. This offers an additional layer of privacy and protection for your recorded data.

Our Last Reason

Number five – Better AI and analytics features though many DVRs are capable of onboard. AI features only IP cameras that our AI or analytics capable can perform that AI processing on the camera itself. What this means is that without the recorder doing the AI it allows it to work on its own. You’ll be able to use more AI features and more complex ones in tandems, such as facial capture and facial recognition.

Thanks for joining us again today!

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TOP 5 Reasons to go with IP Security Cameras

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