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Integrating Access Control Solutions with CCTV

Security Camera King has long recognized the value of integrating access control solutions with your CCTV system.  We have long partnered with the leading CCTV manufacturers to give our customers unprecedented discounts on security equipment. The same goes for access control and we offer a vast selection to ensure that you can find the perfect system for your needs. We offer packages that include everything needed to set up a new access control network as well as individual components for upgrades or replacements.

Security Camera King’s security sales experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of CCTV and access control technologies and can help you create a new security plan including elements of both. We can also assist you in finding the most effective way to integrate into your existing surveillance camera system. Here we will give some general insight on AC technology for those who are just starting to get into the world of security and surveillance. 


Relationship Between Access Control and CCTV?

CCTV means Closed Circut Television and is used to refer to closed-loop security systems. The primary objective of a CCTV system is to monitor your property. Access control (AC) differs in that, while there may be surveillance elements, it’s purpose is to manage who is admitted and archive entrances and exits on the property. While these are different types of systems, they are often combined in any number of ways to create a customized security network. Your surveillance and AC elements can act as a sort of check and balance for each other. For example, access control solutions alone may log the entry of a code or swipe of a key card. Integration with security cameras and analytics software would allow a user to easily find the footage of this event and verify that the person being permitted access is actually the one who is authorized. 

By far the arrangement that gives you the most flexibility and coherency is when working with a newer IP camera and Network Video Recorders (NVR). This is in part because of the advanced analytic options available for IP systems which are not as abundant when working with analog or hybrid networks. Analytics can help integrate your surveillance and access control elements more seamlessly and usefully. This concept of easy communication and exchange is known as interoperability. Higher interoperability between your security elements means higher ease of operation for the user or admin

It is also preferable to have an IP system because the surveillance world as a whole has seen a shift away from analog in recent years. As IP technology has become more affordable and accessible, there has become less of a need for the antiquated and restrictive ways of analog equipment. Some in the field predict that within the next 5 years, we will see analog and hybrid tech disappear from the market almost completely. Products entering the security market going forward will likely be geared toward compatibility with IP tech only.  


Components Of An Access Control System

AC systems have a few important components. The first of these is the credential. A credential is a piece of information used to verify identity. The most common types of credentials are something a person knows- ie. a pin or password- or something a person has like a fob or a keycard. The third type of credential is a biometric credential like a fingerprint. This is often only seen in higher security systems like those used in government facilities. 

Next, we have the reader. This is the piece of equipment that receives information from the credential. The syle of the reader is determined by the type of credential (one could argue that the reader informs the credential, a bit of a chicken/egg situation). Readers are commonly set into the wall just outside the door that is being restricted. The reader then transmits this information to the control panel. The control panel processes this info and determines if it matches an authorized user. The last component is the locking mechanism. It keeps the door or gate being monitored locked until the control panel confirms that an authorized credential has been presented.  


Types of Access Control

Generally speaking, there are three main categories of access control solutions when talking about software. The criteria for who is allowed and who grant access differentiates each from the other. 

The first type of access system is Discretionary Access Control (DAC). This type of access control is the least restrictive. It is popular with business owners as who is authorized is left completely up to the discretion of the admin, hence the name. Authorized users can be easily added and removed with DAC systems. 

The next AC option is not nearly as flexible and much more secure. This would be the mandated access control (MAC), where the operating system has the sole ability to authorize entry within set parameters. These are often in use in high-security areas such as federal buildings. 

The final common type of AC is role-based access control (RBAC). RBAC systems grant or deny a request for access based on the requesting party’s “role”, often their job title. The RBAC grants certain access privileges to a group and anyone in the system as a part of this group will be admitted entry. PS. confusion can sometimes arise from the fact that RBAC can also refer to rule-based access control. However, this type of AC is usually only seen in digital access control systems that restrict who can view certain digital files or data. 



Security Camera King has built a repertoire of professional connections with leading-edge CCTV and AC manufacturers in order to bring you the best tech on the market for the most reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for a simple “plug-and-play” access control starter kit or are looking to build an advanced custom system from scratch, SCK has it all. One thing that sets us apart from other sellers is that our staff is made of true security maniacs. Our employees have years of experience in security manufacturing, sales, installation, and repairs so there will always be a helping hand when you need it. Browse our selection of access control products and never hesitate to reach out to our sales team with any questions you may have.  

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