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Temperature Detecting Camera: Thermal-Temp-Pack

CCTV technology is constantly evolving and expanding to fit the needs of the consumer. SecurityCameraKing.com works hard to stay abreast of all the current market needs and is proud to offer the leading equipment in the industry at remarkable prices. To cater to the current need for temperature detecting camera solutions, we now offer the Thermal-Temp-Pack. This system allows for real-time temperature monitoring and fever detection.  


Why Use A Temperature Detecting Camera?

Now more than ever, it is important that your business is providing a safe environment for both your customers and employees. Unfortunately, you cannot always trust that everyone is putting other’s best interests at heart. When the stakes are too high to leave it to chance the Thermal-Temp-Pack allows you to take monitoring your property into your own hands. Two of the most common uses for this system are fever detection and weapon detection. As people pass through the view of your temperature detecting camera, a thermal map of their person will be created. A fever will show at the head resulting in a darker red to show on the map. Metal weapons, on the other hand, carry a much lower heat signature than the human body, and you will see an abnormal cool spot wherever they are being concealed. 


Who Can Benefit From the Thermal-Temp-Pack

These days, any place where people congregate outside their homes is a prime location for a Thermal-Temp-Pack. Some prime examples include:

  • Schools- Busy parents are often eager to send their sniffling child off to class so as to not disturb their schedule. While this used to be rude but generally harmless, a sick child today has the potential to seriously affect their classmates, teachers, and all of their families. They also have the benefit of helping deter one of the most heinous crimes, school shootings. 


  • Offices- We all want to work and earn money, but putting co-workers and their relatives at risk is not permissible. And some may not even realize they are ill. A Thermal-Temp-Pack at your office can make sure that all your employees are healthy enough to interact with each other and your customers. 
Fever Detection
  • Restaurants- Eating out is a thing of joy for most, but it can also present a lot of opportunities for sickness to spread. You’ll want to make sure your customers are not sacrificing their health and the health of your other patrons for a night on the town. It is also imperative that a restaurant owner ensures that the employees preparing and serving food are fit to do so.


  • Hotels- With so many people in-and-out, laying their head down in the same rooms, and sharing common spaces, you will want to make sure that your guests are healthy to prevent quick cross-contamination between.


  • Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals- Travel has become a major factor in the spread of sickness. Monitoring travelers before they board a plane, train, bus, or other transport vehicles is imperative as tiny quarters and close seating make for easy germ circulation. 


  • Medical Facilities- Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and urgent care have always been on the front lines of keeping America healthy. With high exposure rates, medical professionals are putting their patients first. A Thermal-Temp-Pack will help them identify if they, in fact, have become sick themselves so they can take the time they need to recover themselves. 


  • Government Buildings and Courthouses- When your job is to serve the people, you often interact with many. Make sure that those who are upholding the law are also able to uphold health standards and that those seeking federal or state services do not unwittingly bring in disease. 


  • Event Venues- Large arenas and convention centers can be a place to spread joy. But the sheer numbers also mean that germs can spread Quickly scan crowds for fevers and unauthorized weapons to keep your events and sporting games safe. 


A Superior Temp Taking Solution

The Thermal-Temp-Pack is the best temperature taking option for a few reasons. The first is efficiency. The time and manpower it would take to manually stop and take each person’s temperature even in a small business would be difficult and time-consuming. In large venues like schools and arenas, it is almost entirely impossible. The Thermal-Temp-Pack can scan hundreds, or even thousands, of people in just minutes. The other benefit of a temperature detecting camera unit is discretion, as only those with access to the monitor can see results. This allows you to quickly and quietly confront an individual without causing embarrassment. 


How The Thermal-Temp-Pack Temperature Detecting Camera Works

This system actually employs the use of two cameras, The first is a regular camera which uses facial recognition to detect someone’s face.  This is an important feature for large crowds as a thermal camera will not show a person’s features, only their heat signature. Having a regular camera stream integrated allows you to properly identify the person with a fever or potential weapon. 

The other camera, as you may have guessed, is the thermal imaging camera. This is a dual-lens camera utilizing 2-megapixel visible-light and Oxide (VOx) sensors. This top-tier camera accurately detects temperature and is not hindered by heavy clothing, hats, masks, or even helmets. You will also be supplied with a powerful AI-enabled 16 channel network recorder. We have sold these recorders with our highest quality security systems, and it can readily serve your Thermal-Temp-Pack needs for many years to come. You’ll also receive a calibration black-box to ensure that thermal readings are always accurate.    


Built-In Analytics

Our system also utilizes internal smart analytics. This allows you to customize and configure system settings. While all temperature readings can be viewed in real-time, analytics will allow you to log and track abnormal temperature spikes as well as specify notifications to the proper personnel once one is detected. 



SCK is a giant in the surveillance industry. Our longstanding professional relationships with the top CCTV manufacturers allow us to bring unprecedented discounts to the consumer. We also offer complimentary tech support on all of your SecurityCameraKing.com purchases. Contact us today to purchase a Thermal-Temp-Pack, the best first line of defense for any business or large meeting place. 

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