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Where To Place Security Cameras For The Best Results

Understanding where to place security cameras can ensure you enjoy the maximum security benefits possible. Although modern video surveillance cameras are capable of advanced features and capabilities, their location can maximize their abilities.

Some of the most common questions asked when placing security cameras include where they should be mounted, is it different depending on the camera, and what kind of camera should be chosen. The following article serves to answer these questions and will provide useful tips that can help users of all experience levels.

Where To Place Security Cameras

Every property and setting has unique challenges and security requirements that must be taken into account when mounting security cameras. Despite this, there are still general rules of thumb that should be followed in order to take full advantage of your security camera system.

As an example, we will use a residential setting to explain these general rules. A residential property is a good example to use because the placement locations are easy for users to understand and replicate.

Fully monitoring the outer perimeter of a residential property can be achieved by placing security cameras where there are corners with views that intersect. This allows users to achieve double the coverage of hard to spot areas such as back alleys, windows, driveways, sidewalks, and avenues.

These areas are known by security specialists as vulnerable spots. Placing security cameras in these locations lets users see individuals approaching the house from these vulnerable locations. It is important to remember in this case that most fixed lens security cameras have wider viewing angles.

If a security camera is meant to monitor a doorway, then it should be placed approximately five feet away. This gives the security camera enough room to properly use face identification software that can identify visitors.

Some users may require security cameras capable of license plate identification. In this case, a license plate capture camera must be placed three feet from the ground and within twenty feet of the street. License plate capture security cameras can also record slow moving traffic and traffic stops. 

These principles can also be applied to commercial property settings to fortify their security plan.

Choosing Between Bullet Or Dome Security Cameras

Generally, users will purchase dome cameras and bullet cameras in order to secure their property. Both cameras have advantages and limitations depending on the circumstances. Below, are the three types of security cameras that are typically used and how to best place them.

First, we will examine dome security cameras. At times referred to as ball-in-socket or eyeball dome cameras these cameras are not resistant to tampering or other damage. Dome cameras have a wider degree of movement and are easy to install on a wall compared to other security cameras.

Vandal dome cameras are similar to dome cameras however are designed to be resistant to tampering and vandalism. It is challenging for a criminal to cover, block, damage, or move cameras of this type.

Finally, bullet security cameras are best used in difficult to mount positions. Cameras of this type are easy to install in tight areas with a limited field of view.

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Does The Security Camera Type Dictate The Placement?

You may be wondering whether or not if where to best place security cameras is dependant on their type. The truth is the best placement for a security camera is dependent on the setting, application, camera type, and the camera lens.

All of these factors are important to consider when mounting security cameras. In term of lenses, there are three camera lens types available to choose from. These options include variable focus, varifocal, and the traditional fixed lens security cameras.

Traditional fixed lens cameras are limited in the width that they show, unlike variable focus cameras. Variable focus cameras are best used in environments such as a wide but short commercial parking lot, residential backyard, or driveway.

When it comes to interior security inside a building, variable focus cameras can effectively monitor a long and narrow hallway. Choosing the camera lens type should be determined by the setting you wish to monitor and secure.

Determining The Best Security Camera Viewing Angles

Achieving the proper viewing angle for your security cameras will maximize their placement and capabilities. As previously mentioned, there are a number of factors to consider when placing security cameras and one of these factors is the viewing angle.

In this case, it is important to remember that the security camera’s resolution has a big effect. As a general rule of thumb, the higher and further back a security camera is mounted the more coverage a user can achieve. This rule generally applies to high-resolution security cameras since low-resolution cameras will typically have a loss in footage quality.

Security specialists agree that the best principal to follow is to mount security cameras in order to obtain the most coverage with minimal effort. The best example of this principle is placing a security camera at a viewing angle that only monitors the edge of a fence line or wall.

Following this principle can actually save you money because you will reduce the number of security cameras necessary to secure the property. The placement of the security cameras should also be beyond arm’s reach, as well. This can make it harder to tamper with a security camera unless you are using a vandal dome camera as mentioned previously.

Assistance With Choosing The Right Security Camera Type

The video surveillance marketplace has numerous security camera models and types that can make choosing the right security camera system a challenge. Determining where to place security cameras is just one factor that you must identify.

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Where to Place Security Cameras

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