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Wireless 16 Camera Motion Detector Security Systems

Wireless 16 camera motion detector security systems are the ultimate solution for digital video camera surveillance and security. The wireless cameras not only provide quick and easy installation, but can be installed just about anywhere. In addition, the motion detection feature provides for conservative storage needs on Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and if used with the Tilt-Pan-Zoom (PTZ) function can be used to track objects or individuals throughout a camera’s useful field of view.

Typical wireless 16 camera motion detector security systems consist of 16 wireless cameras with motion detection, up to 4 wireless receiver units, one 16 channel standalone DVR unit, and monitor(s). However, there are several variations on this system based on the type of components used and the type of motion detection desired.

Let’s talk about the cameras of wireless 16 camera motion detector systems. The wireless cameras used in these security systems are digital video cameras. These cameras create video images by using one of two special sensor chips. A Charged Coupled Device or CCD or Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) sensor chip converts light energy into electrical energy that can be measured and used to produce high quality color (or black and white) video images.

These cameras transmit their video signals using built-in transmitters and antennas to receiver units. Most receiver units can handle up to 4 separate cameras at one time; that is why there may be up to 4 receivers used for a 16 camera system. The signals are normally transmitted over the 2.4 or 5.8 GHz band although there are still some models that may use the 900 MHz band. This wireless technology is basically the same that is used for wireless home telephones.

Wireless 16 camera motion detector security systems may use cameras with different ranges. The range of a wireless camera is based on Line Of Sight or LOS which means the maximum specified range is based on an unobstructed distance between the camera and the receiver. Cameras can still transmit with objects in the LOS but the maximum range will usually be reduced based on the type of material that makes up the object.

Wireless cameras may be indoor or outdoor types. Outdoor cameras are just like indoor models except they are enclosed in a protective case or cover. This cover or case protects the camera from weather and other natural elements from penetrating the case and thereby affecting the camera. These cameras are often rated according to an International Electrical code standard known as the Ingress Protection Rating. Cameras that protect completely from dust and various levels of water penetration are best so look for cameras with IP66 or IP67 ratings.

The cameras used in wireless 16 camera motion detector security systems may also be day/night vision cameras or night vision infrared cameras. Day/night cameras have very sensitive sensor chips that produce high quality color video with very little available visible light. Night vision infrared cameras produce high quality color video in conditions with visible light and high quality black and white video in total darkness by using infrared illumination.

Other options for these cameras include audio recording, pan-tilt-zoom, and hidden or disguised cameras.

Wireless 16 camera motion detector security systems may actually implement the motion detection function by one of two ways. The first method is by a motion detector sensor that is mounted directly on the camera or is a part of the camera case or mount. These cameras use something known as a Passive InfraRed or PIR sensor. The sensor works by detecting the changes in infrared radiation light in its field of view. Once a change is detected, an assumption is made that motion has caused this sudden change, and the PIR triggers a switch that turns on the camera or initiates recording video for a camera that is already on.

The second method of motion detection lies within the programming of the processor/DVR unit. These units can contain programming in the form of software or as hard wired programming that can detect movement in the camera’s field of view. This type of motion detection can be incredibly useful when used with PTZ functions because the camera can be programmed to literally track the movement of an object or an individual. These cameras are often used in parking lots and retail stores.

Wireless 16 camera motion detector security systems are the ultimate security system because of versatility, ease of installation, and affordable price. Check with our digital security experts to get your system today.


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