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We know how important it is to pass your I-502 inspection, security camera system and surveillance equipment requirements.

SecurityCameraKing.com has been providing Security Camera systems, equipment and accessories to Washington marijuana growers, processors and retailers since the I-502 Law (WAC 314-55-083) went into effect in 2012.

  • We Understand Washington’s I-502 Security Requirements and what you need to be compliant
  • We have over 100 happy and compliant customers and testimonials to boot!
  • 100% Success rate in our Cannabis Compliance Program
  • Free Technical Support for the lifetime of your equipment
  • As well as consulting, System Design, and Training Services

We know security and we know your industry. Our team is comprised of a group of security experts who have experience with Cannabis Security, IP Network Technology, and IT Technical Support Specialists who are dedicated to helping you stay compliant with the best price possible.

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Security Camera Kings Cannabis program FAQs

Resolution requirements:
what is law and what is the difference?

The minimum security camera resolution in Washington as stated in WAC 314-55-083 is 640x470 pixels. Ask yourself do you want a Security Camera System to meet the minimum requirements or a system that give you maximum security? Compare for yourself. View this side by side comparison of D1 (720x480) vs a 1080p 2MP resolution. Resolution could make all the difference during a investigation.

hard drive calculator
45 Days of continuous Recording

Marijuana laws in Washington require your video surveillance system to be able to record and hold footage for 45 days of 24/7 continuous recording. Get a good idea on what type of hard drive space you will need with your system by utilizing our hard drive calculator, the higher resolution cameras the more hard drive space is needed. Click Here

Site Planning: Facility Layout Design

Site and Layout Planning is a critical part in designing a compliant i-502 security camera system. We use your unique floorplan and whether you are a retailer, producer or processor, our i-502 cannabis compliance specialist will be able to provide you with a unique system design based on your floorplan.

Securing your DVR/NVR Recording

State have a requirement that your recorder needs to be stored in a secured space. Inside a locked closet or inside a security lockbox. If you need a lock box we are able to supply you with this. Our lock boxes are reinforced in steel and come with the proper ventilation to keep your recorder from over heating. Click Here To See Our DVR Lock Boxes

Advantages of Buying from SecurityCameraKing.com
Fast Shipping: With Multiple Locations across the US, we can get you your system fast. We test all of our products before sending out and in most cases will send your package out the same day you order.
Free US Based Tech Support: We have some of the most knowledgeable techs that can solve virtually every situation. At times, they can even log in remotely and configure your settings for you whether its something as easy as setting motion detect, to complicated networking issues.
Free Remote Viewing Software: View your cameras anywhere in the world you have Internet on your MAC, PC, Android, Tablet, Ipad and Iphone
Full Warranties: Most of our DVRs and NVRs come with a 3 year Full Warranty
30 Day Money back Guarantee: We have a no questions asked 30 day return policy. If for any reason you want to return the unused product in its original packaging, you are guaranteed to get your money back.

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