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We know security for Cannabis Business. Our cannabis security experts make designing a marijuana compliant video surveillance system easy. With our experience in states where marijuana is legal, we have been helping refine video surveillance marijuana laws and keeping the industry secure since 2012. We have hundreds of surveillance systems approved and operating nationwide and a 100% success rate with our planning services. Now we have complied our experiences in an ebook compliance guide to share with you and cannabis entrepreneurs just like you.

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    Oregon-marijuana-securityOregon Marijuana Law Measure 91 – OLCC applicants: Our experts are standing by to help you with your OLCC application Security and Procedure Plan.
    alaska-marijuana-initiativeAlaska’s Marijuana Initiative Measure 2– Alaska has released final regulations as adopted and amended by the marijuana control board. We look forward to working with Alaska Marijuana business as they roll out recreational marijuana provisions.
    i502-colorado-washington-securityI-502 Washington and Amendment 64 Colorado – Our program has been successful in keeping our Washington and Colorado customers happy, compliant and operational and we look forward to helping new applicants or expanding operations.
    Florida Medical Marijuana LawsFlorida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Amendment 2 – The Florida Legislator has already implemented specific rules that pertain to Video Surveillance Systems.
    Florida Statute 381.986 covers in depth the parameters surrounding your security surveillance cameras. Let our cannabis compliance experts design an ideal system which will past inspection with flying colors.
    Medical Marijuana – Whether your business is a cultivation operation, medicinal dispensary or recreational dispensary, we guide you through the security regulations and rules so you know your system is compliant.

    Medical marijuana dispensaries in California were the original guinea pigs for the legalization of cannabis. Security for the cannabis industry was important from the beginning but these needs have increased dramatically as more states legalize the use of this plant in some way. Over time it has become more obvious that this industry handles considerable amounts of money, making it a tempting target for theft and robberies. This is the reason why each state, that has approved any form of marijuana legalization, has also required a considerable amount of surveillance cameras for all applicants wishing to start a marijuana business. Properly tracking this controversial plant is a changing the way cannabis is viewed within our

    Currently, 25 states and Washington DC have enacted laws to legalize medical and/or recreational marijuana. The states that have legalized the medicinal applications of the marijuana plant are proving that this plant has many applications that were never considered previously. Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon have already implemented recreational and medical cannabis programs that have been extremely successful. California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts are working on designing their newly legalized recreational/medical cannabis programs as of November 2016 and these states should begin implementing these programs in the near future.

    Our cannabis department staff has extensive experience and understanding of the all the laws pertinent to cannabis security. There is one consistent theme between the laws and statutes from each state and that is, all applicants must have a high quality surveillance camera system which meets or exceed the state’s requirements. These strict laws must be adhered to and there is zero flexibility when it comes to making sure that your Marijuana security camera system is compliant.

    Getting into any state’s legalized cannabis industry is a complicated process and navigating the security camera portion of it is as convoluted as any other part. That is where our cannabis specialists at Security Camera King can swiftly and accurately guide you through this part of your arduous quest to marijuana business ownership. We have provided the camera systems needed for hundreds of Marijuana Businesses to get licensed, in the states to have fully legalized cannabis programs. Once we are provided with the floor plan of your facility, our staff of surveillance experts can accurately design a security camera system to provide the appropriate state mandated coverage. We also will be here to help you with any questions, concerns or issues that may occur for the lifetime of the products.

    Let Security Camera King guide you through some of the intricacies related to the marijuana industry. Don’t go it alone if you’re planning to start a cannabis business. We have a thorough understanding of the legal requirements as they pertain to video surveillance systems in each of the states which has decided (and will decide) to take part in the medical and recreational marijuana industry. Since the medical cannabis industry has been garnering national attention for all the right reasons and the recreational marijuana business has been generating its own good news for having a positive effect in society, it looks like the cannabis industry as a whole is starting to open more doors for future legislation. The number of states with legal recreational marijuana recently increased dramatically. Security Camera King has hundreds of security camera systems that have passed the stringent approval process. Navigating the laws and statutes for each state cannot only be time consuming but difficult to interpret for non-lawyers. Security Camera King has a one hundred percent success rate and a favorable outcome is guaranteed if you let us assist you with the planning of a layout of your surveillance camera system for cannabis security.

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