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VGA Monitor Converter

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Do you need a VGA Monitor Converter?  It seems as though when computers have reached their point of obsolescence, apparently the monitor just keeps on going, and going, and going…well you get the point.  Also, with the relatively recent use of LCD monitors (which supposedly last longer than the older CRT monitors) it seems as though a small surplus of monitors is beginning to amass amongst John Q. Public.

So what do you so with an older monitor that is no longer being used for your computer?  Turn it into a digital video camera security system monitor, what else?  It seems as if these monitors make especially good spot monitors for viewing the field of vision of just one camera, although they could also be used as whole system monitors as well.

There is just one snag in this whole idea.  Computer monitors have also gone through their changes as a result of the ever changing computer industry.  Today if you buy an LCD TV or a computer monitor you’ll notice there are a ton of different hook-up options available, usually on the back of the TV.  However, the older more mature CRT monitor that you want to use for your security system normally has a VGA input cable connector but your DVR only has a BNC connector.

That’s when it’s time for a VGA Monitor converter.  In fact, Security Camera King has just what the doctor ordered.  Product# BNC-VGA is a VGA monitor converter that provides a high quality video image even after conversion.  This premium quality converter can convert your BNC output into a VGA output so you can use just about any VGA monitor as a security monitor.

Some folks may have bought big screen TV’s or elaborate computer monitors in the past that are no longer be used by the household.   Instead of tossing them in the recycle bin if they still work, use them as a security monitor.   The VGA monitor converter will allow you to do that easily and quickly.  All you have to do is plug in your BNC connector to one end and your VGA cable into the other end, and that’s it.

Security Camera King’s bundled system packages all have Digital Video Recorders or DVRs that have VGA outputs as well as BNC.  In fact, only the elite-Mini Economy series has just a VGA and BNC connection.  Higher level DVR’s in addition to BNC and VGA hookups, may also offer HDMI for high definition security coverage.

If you take a look at the monitors that Security Camera King has for sale on our on-line store, you’ll note that every monitor we sell has both BNC and VGA connections; some monitors may carry extra connectors such as HDMI.  You’ll note that if you purchase one of these monitors they already come with VGA connectors so all you would need is a VGA cable to plug in at the DVR end and at the monitor’s location.

Whatever the monitor you choose to use just make sure that it is compatible with your system and beware you may have to buy a converter if you are using an older model.  It’s ironic that the DVR doesn’t need the monitor to record video yet the monitor is probably the most used component of the security camera system.

If you have any other additional questions about VGA monitor converters or digital video security and surveillance systems, please feel free to contact one of our security experts using on-line “Live Chat” or by telephone at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST.


Wireless Security Cameras with Computer Monitor

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Wireless security cameras with computer monitor provide excellent security and surveillance for both businesses and residents alike. A wireless security camera system set up with a computer monitor can provide live real-time monitoring of any area, indoors or outdoors in well lit areas or at night.

Wireless security cameras with a computer monitor can be used just about anywhere. A wireless security camera transmits it video images using either the 2.8 or 5.8 KHz frequencies to a receiver that is tuned to the same channel. The receiver then passes the signal on to the processor or a personal computer.

The advantage of using a wireless security camera is that no cabling is required for transmission of data. This has several beneficial implications. First, installation is much simpler and faster. Second, security cameras can be placed in areas that might otherwise be impractical. Third, security cameras can be located in positions that are relatively remote from the processor, digital video recorder or DVR, or personal computer.

Wireless security cameras can be used with personal computers to complete the security system. If this is the case, a computer monitor is ideal for viewing wireless camera transmissions or for playing back recorded data. In this case, the computer becomes the processor and the DVR but a good quality, high resolution monitor is still needed to view the security camera transmissions in real time.

Contemporary computer monitors are typically Liquid Crystal Display or LCD types with very high resolution capabilities. Security system computer monitors usually provide a variety of connection inputs including composite, S-video, component, and personal computer capabilities. Their response times are normally very fast (for example 16ms) which allows for high quality display of multiple video feeds. Computer monitors for security systems often have an amplifier and speakers built right in to the monitor so that audio may be heard as well.

Of all the components of a security/surveillance camera system, the monitor is probably used the most. The greatest advantage to Closed Circuit Television or CCTV cameras is the ability to view the target area in real time; live. For this reason you should choose your wireless security camera system’s monitor carefully. Be certain that it has a high enough resolution display to be able to display all of your cameras’ feeds simultaneously with good clarity and quality.

There are many uses for wireless security cameras with computer monitor. One very popular application for a wireless security camera with computer monitor is in a nursery or baby’s room. These systems allow you to monitor your baby any time day or night by using spot monitors or a central computer monitor.
Another popular application of a wireless security camera system with computer monitor is for monitoring the entering and exit of customers into and out of various business locations. Wireless cameras can easily be installed in lobbies and vestibules where entrance and exit doors are located. Real-time monitoring of every individual that enters and leaves the premises can be accomplished with relative ease.