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Home Surveillance Systems

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Home surveillance systems provide security, protection, and monitoring services that can give you peace of mind and keep your family safe.  These systems are based on digital video and digital data; because of this they have the explicit advantage of sharing the benefits of technological improvements in the personal computing industry.  This means exponentially greater performance at less expensive prices.

Typically, most home surveillance systems are component systems made up of three major components or pieces of equipment; the digital video cameras, the Digital Video Recorder or DVR and one or more monitors.  Digital video cameras may be mounted anywhere that’s advantageous to the user; however, standard applications normally provide for exterior perimeter coverage of the home including entrances, exits, and first floor or ground accessible windows.

Inside the home surveillance system can be “zone” type where coverage is based on specific areas of the home and cameras are normally placed in large rooms, hallways, lobbies, and the like or every room may be equipped with its own camera.  This is really a matter of the user’s preference, as are special use cameras.

Special use cameras on the exterior of the home can include a wide variety of cameras and situations.  For example, outdoor cameras (as well as indoor cameras) can be equipped with infrared illumination and the required electronics so as to provide 24 hour coverage, even in total darkness.

More specific uses for the exterior of the home include gate monitoring, driveway monitoring, garage and other detached building monitoring, pet area monitoring, and entrance monitoring.  These cameras can be standard “wired” types or they can also be wireless where the camera transmits a signal to a receiver that is located close to and cabled with the DVR.

Another useful feature for gate and entrance door cameras is two-audio.  Using two-way audio, the gate camera or door camera can act like a security guard that allows you to converse with whomever maybe at the door or gate before permitting them entry.  Each of Security Camera King’s home surveillance systems DVRs supports two way voice technology.

There are many other uses for exterior home surveillance systems’ cameras that are just too numerous to mention here.  The key point is that with all the basic and optional features that digital video cameras have available to offer; they are so versatile that there is almost no situation where they can’t be used.

In addition, there are probably just as many special uses for cameras inside the home as there are outside.  As mentioned earlier, cameras can come with infrared video capability so that when a room is in total darkness, a clear, crisp highly detailed black and white video can still be created.  These cameras are especially useful as baby monitors.   Placed in the nursery with a full open view of the crib/bed and baby/child, these cameras can monitor the infant all night long without disturbing them.  (The infrared Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs that are used to provide the infrared illumination cannot be seen by the human eye.)

Home surveillance systems for inside the home can also include cameras with motion detectors.  These cameras are connected to an on-board PIR or Passive InfraRed detector that turns the camera on for recording only when motion is detected.  The cameras are useful as alarms as well, for the DVR if so equipped, can be programmed to send and email every time the camera is activated.  Furthermore, these cameras save a tremendous about of DVR hard disk space since they only record when motion is detected.

Another highly specialized use indoor home surveillance systems camera is the hidden or disguised camera.  Modern technology has paved the way for these relatively new cameras.  The units are so small that they can easily be hidden inside other normal working objects.  For example, if you need a camera to monitor your home office while you are away, but feel that a mounted camera may appear obtrusive or aesthetically displeasing, you can use a hidden desk clock camera.  The camera is hidden inside the stylish full operating model of a desk clock.

Security Camera King offers all sorts of home surveillance systems and very competitive prices.  We offer 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel systems that come complete with cameras, cable, connectors, power supplies, and a DVR.  We feature three different types of DVRs; the entry level “Elite Mini,” the full enterprise level “Elite,” and our top of the line “Ultimate.”


Small Business Security Systems

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Security Camera King offers a well rounded selection of digital video small business security systems.  These systems can provide protection, deter illegal activity, and document any vandalism, theft, or other activity in high-quality color full motion video.  The systems are easy to operate, easy to set up, and easy enough to install yourself if you so desire.

Any business needs security protection, regardless of how big or small the business may be.  Of course, if the business is large enough, it may even have its own security department or security team.  Another option would include contracting the security to an independent security and protection agency.  However, small businesses, especially those that are in the beginning stages of their development, can’t afford these options.

Yet security is still a definite necessity to protect the interests of the business, its property, and its employees.  What is the solution?  Small business security systems can fit this need at a small business overhead price while providing big business security advantages.

Security Camera King offers four different small business security systems based on the number of cameras or channels in each system.  We carry 4, 8, 16, and 32 channel digital video systems.  Each system comes with the designated number of vandal-proof day/night infrared vision dome cameras, the necessary power supply for the cameras, cables, connectors, and of course a Digital Video Recorder or DVR.

Our 4, 8, and 16 channel small business security systems are further divided into three major groups each, depending on the type of DVR selected.  We offer the Elite Mini, the Elite, and the Ultimate brand DVRs.  For any one of these channel groups we actually offer 6 different system packages.  For example, for a four channel system we offer two system packages for the Elite Mini, two for the Elite, and Two for the Ultimate.

The differences between small business security systems packages with the same DVR type are cable and power supplies.  For the complete Four Channel Elite Mini HD DVR Security Camera Surveillance Packages we offer one package that includes a four channel space saving power supply with four plug and play cables.  Our second Four Channel Elite Mini HD DVR package includes the same DVR and cameras, but instead offers a four channel power distribution box, one box of bulk RG-59 18/2 Siamese Cable, four power leads, and connectors.

Each of our DVRs comes with an astounding variety of standard features.  The major difference between our Elite Mini and the Elite and Ultimate DVRs, is that the Elite Mini does not have a CD/DVD writer.  However all of our DVRs provide High Definition Outputs, the latest and most efficient CODEC (COmpression/DECompression) utility, H.264, built in Web server, email alerts, and Smartphone accessible technology.

The Internet options are especially helpful in small business security systems because many small business owners like the opportunity to monitor their systems remotely while they are conducting other business related tasks or even while they are on vacation.  You can use the Web browser access from your home computer to view each of your small business security system’s digital cameras and if you are on the road, anywhere in the world that Internet access is available via a Smartphone, you can view and even control your system via your phone using one of our free applications.

Although the Elite Mini does not have a CD/DVD writer, it does allow you to make backup copies using a USB thumb drive.  The Elite and Ultimate DVRs provide a CD/DVD writer for you to use to back-up your recorded footage or copy specific portions of it to distributable media to give to police, insurance companies, etc.

Security Camera King also recognizes that every small business has its own specific security requirements.  That’s why we offer our systems with component changes and upgrades (some may be an additional charge).  This provides you with the opportunity to purchase a complete system, tailored to your specific security needs, at a reasonable discounted packaged system price.

Since you can actually save costs for your small business by installing your own small business security system we also provide support from the beginning to the end of the process.  Our systems are easy to install and come with all the manuals for the components that describe hook-ups, features, set-up procedures, etc. but we realize that may not always be enough.  That’s why we offer free complete support from design of your system through installation, setup, and use.


Security Power Supplies

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Security Power SuppliesSecurity power supplies are used to run burglar alarms, safe mechanisms, and digital video security and surveillance system equipment. There are many different types of security power supplies. In the following article we’ll focus on mainly those that apply to digital video security cameras.

There are several different components in a digital video security system, mainly cameras, a Digital Video Recorder or DVR, and a monitor at a minimum. Other components could include illuminators, transmitters, and receivers. All of these components are electronic so they must rely on some sort of electric power (or security power supply) in order to work properly. The majority of these devices simply plug into any standard wall outlet. However the camera security power supply is different. Let’s take a closer look at the security power supplies demand for the digital video camera.

The powers demand of the video security camera seems to become smaller as the technology behind the electronic parts of the camera become more advanced. Thankfully, unlike many of the older analog cameras, today’s digital video cameras require much less power than their analog ancestors. In fact the power demands of these cameras can be so small that many cameras can actually be battery operated.

Most digital video security cameras do not require the equivalent of power delivered by a standard household outlet; that is, they do not require 110-120 volts (V) of Alternating Current (AC). In fact the majority of cameras today operate on either 24V AC or 12V Direct Current (DC) power. To accommodate these power requirements a step-down transformer is normally required to reduce average household current into the power types required by the cameras. This is normally done in one of two ways.

The first method used to reduce house current power and make it available for security cameras to use is a plug-in transformer. Like many electrical appliances used today, the plug-in transformer is package inside of a small plastic box-like shape. This is plugged into a house outlet, and the resultant outputted power is carried along a wire with a “female” circular jack that is plugged into the camera.

There may be a variation on this theme. For example, some security power supplies that are of the plug-in transformer type can provide power to more than one camera at a time. For example, some Security Camera King’s four channel and eight channel security camera systems come with plug-in security power supplies that can power up to four cameras at once (eight channel systems have two plug-in security power supplies).

The other method used to reduce house current power and make it available for security camera use is the power distribution box. Power distribution box security power supplies are circuit boards mounted inside a protective metal housing. The circuit boards provide connectors for pairs of wires to provide power to the individual cameras in the system. There are power distribution boxes that range in number of outputs available from four to sixteen.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each method. For example, the single plug-in transformer allows the user to access a standard outlet near a camera which is great for cameras that may be near a power source but are quite a distance away from where a power distribution box would be located.

On the other hand, power distribution box security power supplies provide the power for up to sixteen cameras by using only one power source and not sixteen individual outlets. There is no universal answer as to what method is best to use; the method depends on your specific digital video security application.

Digital Video cameras may also use batteries as their source of security power supply. As mentioned earlier, as the power demand requirements reduce with improvements in technology, many cameras can now operate using standard battery size security power supplies. These are especially useful for cameras that need to be mounted in locations that make running a power supply wire difficult.

There are also some “portable” security cameras that can use an automobile’s power supply. Digital video cameras used as bus security cameras, back-up cameras, and other vehicle-related uses are usually adapted to using the vehicle’s 12 V DC current as a security power supply.

If you’re not sure what type of security power supply you need for your digital video security system contact one of Security Camera King’s security experts today. They can help you determine what you need and suggest what type of power supply is best for your configuration.